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Updated (and topical) street list
« on: July 24, 2013, 08:22:12 PM »
In the Experimental branch of Pak128.Britain, I keep adding bit by bit to the file from which random stop names are chosen, and thought that it would be worthwhile sharing the latest updates. The most recent changes (at the bottom of the list) are, as will be seen, somewhat topical:

Code: [Select]
%1$s Green %2$s
%1$s High Road %2$s
%1$s King's Road %2$s
%1$s Axpool Road %2$s
%1$s Axpool Street %2$s
%1$s Axpool Lane %2$s
%1$s Bankside %2$s
%1$s Brook Lane %2$s
%1$s Brook Street %2$s
%1$s Brook Road %2$s
%1$s Butcher's Grove %2$s
%1$s Forest Road %2$s
%1$s Forest Street %2$s
%1$s Forest Lane %2$s
%1$s Chapel Avenue %2$s
%1$s Chapel Street %2$s
%1$s Chapel Road %2$s
%1$s Chapel Lane %2$s
%1$s Circus %2$s
%1$s Colford Cottages %2$s
%1$s Colford Road %2$s
%1$s Corner %2$s
%1$s Cornmarket %2$s
%1$s Field Road %2$s
%1$s Field Street %2$s
%1$s Field Lane %2$s
%1$s Gore Street %2$s
%1$s Hall %2$s
%1$s Hall Road %2$s
%1$s Hall Street %2$s
%1$s Herbert Road %2$s
%1$s Herbert Street %2$s
%1$s High Lane %2$s
%1$s Hill Street %2$s
%1$s Huntsford Road %2$s
%1$s John Street %2$s
%1$s King Street %2$s
%1$s King George %2$s
%1$s King's Arms %2$s
%1$s St. Margaret's Street %2$s
%1$s Margaret Street %2$s
%1$s Margaret Road %2$s
%1$s Markfield Road %2$s
%1$s Markfield Lane %2$s
%1$s Markfield Street %2$s
%1$s Meadow Street %2$s
%1$s Meadow Lane %2$s
%1$s Meadow Road %2$s
%1$s Mercer Street %2$s
%1$s Mercer Road %2$s
%1$s Mercer Lane %2$s
%1$s Partridge Street %2$s
%1$s Plum Street %2$s
%1$s Plum Terrace %2$s
%1$s Plum Lane %2$s
%1$s Pudding Lane %2$s
%1$s Pudding Street %2$s
%1$s Pudding Terrace %2$s
%1$s Pointer's Street %2$s
%1$s Pointer's Lane %2$s
%1$s Potter's Avenue %2$s
%1$s Potter Street %2$s
%1$s Potter Lane %2$s
%1$s Prentice Road %2$s
%1$s Prentice Street %2$s
%1$s Prentice Lane %2$s
%1$s Princes Street %2$s
%1$s Princes Avenue %2$s
%1$s Queen Street %2$s
%1$s Queen Anne Street %2$s
%1$s Queen's Cross %2$s
%1$s Serley Street %2$s
%1$s Serley Avenue %2$s
%1$s Smith's Way %2$s
%1$s Smith Street %2$s
%1$s Smith Lane %2$s
%1$s St. Anne's Cottages %2$s
%1$s St. John's Street %2$s
%1$s Thorley Park %2$s
%1$s Thorn Lane %2$s
%1$s Thorn Street %2$s
%1$s Wintergardens %2$s
%1$s Promenade %2$s
%1$s Hawthorne Lane %2$s
%1$s Rose Lane %2$s
%1$s Besfer's Way %2$s
%1$s Bridge Street %2$s
%1$s Church End %2$s
%1$s Cordle Street %2$s
%1$s Cordle Lane %2$s
%1$s Cordle Avenue %2$s
%1$s Charley End %2$s
%1$s Parade %2$s
%1$s Park Street %2$s
%1$s Perl Road %2$s
%1$s Perl Street %2$s
%1$s Pinder's Lane %2$s
%1$s Pinder's Way %2$s
%1$s Pinmakers' Street %2$s
%1$s Pinstone Street %2$s
%1$s Pinstone Way %2$s
%1$s Pinstone Road %2$s
%1$s River Lane %2$s
%1$s River Street %2$s
%1$s Watergardens %2$s
%1$s Roman Road %2$s
%1$s Roman Street %2$s
%1$s Colin's Way %2$s
%1$s Carver Street %2$s
%1$s Park %2$s
%1$s Low Street %2$s
%1$s Parson's Park %2$s
%1$s Parson Street %2$s
%1$s Vicarage Way %2$s
%1$s Brambly Lane %2$s
%1$s Onion Street %2$s
%1$s Knight Street %2$s
%1$s Knight's Avenue %2$s
%1$s Templebridge %2$s
%1$s Temple Street %2$s
%1$s Temple Way %2$s
%1$s Turnpike Road %2$s
%1$s Sand Street %2$s
%1$s Castle Avenue %2$s
%1$s Castle Street %2$s
%1$s Furlong Hill %2$s
%1$s Champion Street %2$s
%1$s Hotel Street %2$s
%1$s Greenhill %2$s
%1$s Longhill Street %2$s
%1$s Houseman's Lane %2$s
%1$s Cavalry Street %2$s
%1$s Parade Ground %2$s
%1$s Palace Street %2$s
%1$s St. Paul's Avenue %2$s
%1$s St. Simon's Way %2$s
%1$s St. Katherine's Street %2$s
%1$s St. Katherine's Tower %2$s
%1$s St. Paul's Street %2$s
%1$s St. Simon's Lane %2$s
%1$s Smithouse %2$s
%1$s Draper's Cottages %2$s
%1$s Draper's Lane %2$s
%1$s Droveway %2$s
%1$s Draper's Inn %2$s
%1$s Chandler Street %2$s
%1$s Binder's Street %2$s
%1$s Binder's Lane %2$s
%1$s Curio Street %2$s
%1$s Drury Street %2$s
%1$s Parkhouse Way %2$s
%1$s Brick Avenue %2$s
%1$s Brick Way %2$s
%1$s Brick Street %2$s
%1$s Hill Road %2$s
%1$s Highhill %2$s
%1$s Lowwater %2$s
%1$s Water Street %2$s
%1$s Water Lane %2$s
%1$s Lavender Street %2$s
%1$s Lavender Lane %2$s
%1$s Purple Street %2$s
%1$s Green Street %2$s
%1$s Brown Street %2$s
%1$s Greyfriars %2$s
%1$s Whitefriars %2$s
%1$s Blackfriars %2$s
%1$s Brownfriars %2$s
%1$s Nunnery %2$s
%1$s Charter Street %2$s
%1$s Basin Road %2$s
%1$s Cake Street %2$s
%1$s Cake Lane %2$s
%1$s Stormway Street %2$s
%1$s Cow's End %2$s
%1$s Tin Street %2$s
%1$s Duck Street %2$s
%1$s Duck Lane %2$s
%1$s St. Tibbin's Road %2$s
%1$s Prosington Avenue %2$s
%1$s Dunehill Street %2$s
%1$s Window Street %2$s
%1$s Cemetery Avenue %2$s
%1$s White Lane %2$s
%1$s White Street %2$s
%1$s Black Lane %2$s
%1$s Black Street %2$s
%1$s Grey Street %2$s
%1$s Taverners' Way %2$s
%1$s Barber Street %2$s
%1$s Shoe Lane %2$s
%1$s Shoe Street %2$s
%1$s Printer's Road %2$s
%1$s Gaol Street %2$s
%1$s Hermit's End %2$s
%1$s Fortisque Road %2$s
%1$s Millborough Avenue %2$s
%1$s Millborough Road %2$s
%1$s Tree Street %2$s
%1$s Threfton Park %2$s
%1$s Snellings Park %2$s
%1$s Stuffins Park %2$s
%1$s Archibald Park %2$s
%1$s Summer Park %2$s
%1$s Green Park %2$s
%1$s White Park %2$s
%1$s Brown Park %2$s
%1$s Black Park %2$s
%1$s Red Park %2$s
%1$s Gladstone Park %2$s
%1$s Blackstone Park %2$s
%1$s Disraeli Park %2$s
%1$s Walpole Street %2$s
%1$s Churchill Street %2$s
%1$s Tuffington Park %2$s
%1$s Lilly Park %2$s
%1$s Frogley Park %2$s
%1$s Duckpond Street %2$s
%1$s Hampley Park %2$s
%1$s Picnic Lane %2$s
%1$s Picnic Street %2$s
%1$s Sugar Street %2$s
%1$s Spice Lane %2$s
%1$s Villa Lane %2$s
%1$s Villa Road %2$s
%1$s Villa Street %2$s
%1$s Vespiary Street %2$s
%1$s St. Mark's Street %2$s
%1$s Kirkbridge Way %2$s
%1$s Knight's Park %2$s
%1$s Troffington Avenue %2$s
%1$s Turdle Street %2$s
%1$s Throw Street %2$s
%1$s Ham Lane %2$s
%1$s Ham Street %2$s
%1$s Red Lane %2$s
%1$s Ryder Street %2$s
%1$s Addison Road %2$s
%1$s Addison Street %2$s
%1$s Corn Exchange %2$s
%1$s Market %2$s
%1$s Market Street %2$s
%1$s Cornford Road %2$s
%1$s Blanket Lane %2$s
%1$s Easy Street %2$s
%1$s Hard Lane %2$s
%1$s Hard Way %2$s
%1$s Easy Way %2$s
%1$s Tollbridge Road %2$s
%1$s Ferry Street %2$s
%1$s Drop Street %2$s
%1$s Jennifer Street %2$s
%1$s Jane Street %2$s
%1$s St. James Street %2$s
%1$s St. Peter's Park %2$s
%1$s Turnlow Street %2$s
%1$s Curate's Street %2$s
%1$s Curate Lane %2$s
%1$s Corporation Street %2$s
%1$s Jasmine Street %2$s
%1$s Hotchpot Lane %2$s
%1$s Canary Street %2$s
%1$s Coronation Drive %2$s
%1$s Quiver Street %2$s
%1$s Forest Road %2$s
%1$s Forest Street %2$s
%1$s Forest Lane %2$s
%1$s Tooth Street %2$s
%1$s Glass Avenue %2$s
%1$s Pond Street %2$s
%1$s Michaelmas Hall %2$s
%1$s Jubilee Street %2$s
%1$s Dove Street %2$s
%1$s Cranning Gardens %2$s
%1$s Portley Gardens %2$s
%1$s Portley Park %2$s
%1$s Porter's Lane %2$s
%1$s Trinity Gardens %2$s
%1$s Hillary Park %2$s
%1$s Porter Street %2$s
%1$s New Street %2$s
%1$s Friargate %2$s
%1$s Oldgate %2$s
%1$s Lowgate %2$s
%1$s Temple House %2$s
%1$s Church Gardens %2$s
%1$s Stone Rise %2$s
%1$s Wicklow Green %2$s
%1$s City Square %2$s
%1$s Square Gardens %2$s
%1$s Old Street %2$s
%1$s St. John's Square %2$s
%1$s St. Paul's Square %2$s
%1$s St. Mark's Square %2$s
%1$s Albert Square %2$s
%1$s Victoria Square %2$s
%1$s Albert Street %2$s
%1$s Square Street %2$s
%1$s Stone Square %2$s
%1$s Square Lane %2$s
%1$s Market Square %2$s
%1$s Stencil Square %2$s
%1$s Bobbin Street %2$s
%1$s Carlton Square %2$s
%1$s Connaught Square %2$s
%1$s Rosebury Square %2$s
%1$s Garden Square %2$s
%1$s Charterhouse Square %2$s
%1$s Chapter House Square %2$s
%1$s Robin Square %2$s
%1$s Nettle Street %2$s
%1$s Cattle Market %2$s
%1$s Tower Square %2$s
%1$s Bloomfield Square %2$s
%1$s Millstone Street %2$s
%1$s Hapstone Street %2$s
%1$s Arch Square %2$s
%1$s Upper Street %2$s
%1$s Lower Street %2$s
%1$s Mott Street %2$s
%1$s Mott Square %2$s
%1$s Bailey Gardens %2$s
%1$s Bailey Street %2$s
%1$s Blackchapel %2$s
%1$s Chapel Square %2$s
%1$s Crouch Street %2$s
%1$s Warden's Arms %2$s
%1$s Panel Street %2$s
%1$s Inchbury Street %2$s
%1$s Custom House %2$s
%1$s Bond Lane %2$s
%1$s Bondway %2$s
%1$s Hinks Street %2$s
%1$s Doll Park Lane %2$s
%1$s Doll Street %2$s
%1$s Greenbridge Street %2$s
%1$s Bounds Lane %2$s
%1$s Eastgate %2$s
%1$s District Park %2$s
%1$s Northgate %2$s
%1$s Brookside Park %2$s
%1$s Toppers Lane %2$s
%1$s Salmon Street %2$s
%1$s Star Street %2$s
%1$s Star Road %2$s
%1$s Monk's Lane %2$s
%1$s Monk Street %2$s
%1$s Corvey Cross %2$s
%1$s Brookgate %2$s
%1$s Hillgate %2$s
%1$s Whitegate %2$s
%1$s Blackgate %2$s
%1$s Greygate %2$s
%1$s Laird Street %2$s
%1$s Goat Street %2$s
%1$s Badger Street %2$s
%1$s Pigeon Street %2$s
%1$s Percival Way %2$s
%1$s Percival Street %2$s
%1$s Marshgate %2$s
%1$s Marsh Lane %2$s
%1$s Marsh Street %2$s
%1$s Broadway %2$s
%1$s Sett Street %2$s
%1$s Hive Street %2$s
%1$s Hyde Street %2$s
%1$s Winterbourne Street %2$s
%1$s Common Lane %2$s
%1$s Fieldgate %2$s
%1$s Tremble Street %2$s
%1$s Kingsway %2$s
%1$s Prince's Way %2$s
%1$s Speckley Street %2$s
%1$s Parsnip Grove %2$s
%1$s Treadle Way %2$s
%1$s Turnip Lane %2$s
%1$s Turnip Street %2$s
%1$s Pilchard Street %2$s
%1$s Lump Street %2$s
%1$s Calf Street %2$s
%1$s Slaughterhouse Way %2$s
%1$s Princess Street %2$s
%1$s Hutch Street %2$s
%1$s Peter's Park %2$s
%1$s Colinwood Lane %2$s
%1$s Beeches %2$s
%1$s Wood %2$s
%1$s Copse %2$s
%1$s Road %2$s
%1$s Street %2$s
%1$s Grimwood Road %2$s
%1$s Bankgate %2$s
%1$s Abbey Street %2$s
%1$s Abbey Wood %2$s
%1$s Abbeygate %2$s
%1$s Abbey Park %2$s
%1$s Wickford Street %2$s
%1$s Buckley Park %2$s
%1$s Beechwood %2$s
%1$s Marsh %2$s
%1$s Old Cross %2$s
%1$s Gospel Oak Park %2$s
%1$s Eastminster %2$s
%1$s Southminster %2$s
%1$s Northminster %2$s
%1$s Highminster %2$s
%1$s Lowminster %2$s
%1$s Minster Street %2$s
%1$s Mint Lane %2$s
%1$s Westinghouse Street %2$s
%1$s Rivet Road %2$s
%1$s Guard's Way %2$s
%1$s Manorgate %2$s
%1$s Manor Street %2$s
%1$s Harley Way %2$s
%1$s Queensbury %2$s
%1$s Canons Lane %2$s
%1$s Canon Road %2$s
%1$s Horsley Road %2$s
%1$s Horsley Street %2$s
%1$s Cadogan Road %2$s
%1$s Warminster Avenue %2$s
%1$s Warminster Lane %2$s
%1$s Tufley Park %2$s
%1$s Tuffington Street %2$s
%1$s Jones Gardens %2$s
%1$s St. Stephen's Way %2$s
%1$s Dimbledon Street %2$s
%1$s St. Patrick's Street %2$s
%1$s St. Peter's Cross %2$s
%1$s Longborne Street %2$s
%1$s Charter Cross %2$s
%1$s Cowleigh Street %2$s
%1$s Hepston Road %2$s
%1$s Carris Lane %2$s
%1$s Slate Street %2$s
%1$s Queen Anne's Consort Street %2$s
%1$s Winter Street %2$s
%1$s Lyle Street %2$s
%1$s Midley Street %2$s
%1$s Lyle Road %2$s
%1$s Printworks Street %2$s
%1$s Printworks Road %2$s
%1$s Bean Street %2$s
%1$s Beer Street %2$s
%1$s Bean Lane %2$s
%1$s Beer Lane %2$s
%1$s Plane Avenue %2$s
%1$s Plane Drive %2$s
%1$s Plane Street %2$s
%1$s Pill Street %2$s
%1$s Hord Street %2$s
%1$s Hood Street %2$s
%1$s Lincaster Road %2$s
%1$s Spring Street %2$s
%1$s Summer Street %2$s
%1$s St. Stephen's Street %2$s
%1$s Tent Street %2$s
%1$s Tent Wood Lane %2$s
%1$s Birch Wood Grove %2$s
%1$s Birch Lane %2$s
%1$s Beech Street %2$s
%1$s Beechwood Road %2$s
%1$s Tileworks Lane %2$s
%1$s Stone Street %2$s
%1$s Staple Street %2$s
%1$s Nimble Street %2$s
%1$s Thimble Street %2$s
%1$s Bald Street %2$s
%1$s Tileworks Lane %2$s
%1$s Stone Lane %2$s
%1$s Staple Lane %2$s
%1$s Nimble Lane %2$s
%1$s Thimble Lane %2$s
%1$s Bald Lane %2$s
%1$s Udder Grove %2$s
%1$s Westling Lane %2$s
%1$s Westling Street %2$s
%1$s Pretty Street %2$s
%1$s Petty Road %2$s
%1$s John Terrace %2$s
%1$s St. Margaret's Terrace %2$s
%1$s Hurst Terrace %2$s
%1$s Walker's Terrace %2$s
%1$s St. John's Terrace %2$s
%1$s Walker Street %2$s
%1$s Crisp Street %2$s
%1$s Penton Street %2$s
%1$s Penton Road %2$s
%1$s Penton Avenue %2$s
%1$s Fenton Street %2$s
%1$s Deer Street %2$s
%1$s Common Lane %2$s
%1$s Oak Weald %2$s
%1$s Gore %2$s
%1$s Painters' Croft Lane %2$s
%1$s Steeple Street %2$s
%1$s Spire Lane %2$s
%1$s Steeple Lane %2$s
%1$s Steeple Square %2$s
%1$s Spire Street %2$s
%1$s Crofters' Park %2$s
%1$s Turnkey Street %2$s
%1$s Green Square %2$s
%1$s City Street %2$s
%1$s City Square Gardens %2$s
%1$s Halters Street %2$s
%1$s Prize Den Lane %2$s
%1$s Dennis Ritchie Square %2$s
%1$s Berners-Lee Place %2$s
%1$s Barnes Wallace Street %2$s
%1$s Hayden Avenue %2$s
%1$s Purcell Street %2$s
%1$s Brigand Court %2$s
%1$s St. Katherine's Place %2$s
%1$s Brigand Street %2$s
%1$s Gem Street %2$s
%1$s Poinder Street %2$s
%1$s Opal Street %2$s
%1$s Cornflower Street %2$s
%1$s Brigand Lane %2$s
%1$s Gem Lane %2$s
%1$s Poinder Lane %2$s
%1$s Opal Lane %2$s
%1$s Cornflower Lane %2$s
%1$s Town %2$s
%1$s Coffee Street %2$s
%1$s Toffee Street %2$s
%1$s Coffee Road %2$s
%1$s Toffee Road %2$s
%1$s Coffee Lane %2$s
%1$s Toffee Lane %2$s
%1$s Coffee Park %2$s
%1$s Toffee Park %2$s
%1$s Kensall Road %2$s
%1$s Kensall Street %2$s
%1$s Trumpington Road %2$s
%1$s Camberwick Road %2$s
%1$s Albert Road %2$s
%1$s Lion Street %2$s
%1$s Abbott's Road %2$s
%1$s Commode Street %2$s
%1$s Mill %2$s
%1$s Cordell Street %2$s
%1$s Joe Street %2$s
%1$s Windsor Street %2$s
%1$s Curtain Row %2$s
%1$s Etchell Street %2$s
%1$s Satchel Street %2$s
%1$s Escher Lane %2$s
%1$s Brampton Gardens %2$s
%1$s Fig Street %2$s
%1$s Pinhall Street %2$s
%1$s Sally Street %2$s
%1$s Ministry Street %2$s
%1$s Promenade Street %2$s
%1$s Woote Hill %2$s
%1$s Valentine Road %2$s
%1$s Clementine Road %2$s
%1$s Purple Street %2$s
%1$s Kingsbury Avenue %2$s
%1$s Redstone Place %2$s
%1$s Iron Street %2$s
%1$s Iron Lane %2$s
%1$s Curling Avenue %2$s
%1$s Old Ford Street %2$s
%1$s Crumble Street %2$s
%1$s Bernd Square %2$s
%1$s Gabriel Street %2$s
%1$s Drop Lane %2$s
%1$s Parcel Street %2$s
%1$s Box Terrace %2$s
%1$s Box Street %2$s
%1$s Boxwood Avenue %2$s
%1$s Carning Square %2$s
%1$s Chamberpot Street %2$s
%1$s Night Porter Lane %2$s
%1$s Night Cart Street %2$s
%1$s Newsome Lane %2$s
%1$s Newish Street %2$s
%1$s Gromit Street %2$s
%1$s Gromit Lane %2$s
%1$s Gromit Terrace %2$s
%1$s Wallace Street %2$s
%1$s Wallace Lane %2$s
%1$s Wallace Terrace %2$s
%1$s Tuesday Street %2$s
%1$s Quantum Street %2$s
%1$s Quantum Lane %2$s
%1$s Quantum Place %2$s
%1$s Terminus Street %2$s
%1$s Tumnus Street %2$s
%1$s Tumnus Terrace %2$s
%1$s Tumnus Place %2$s
%1$s Stephanie Street %2$s
%1$s Ambrose Street %2$s
%1$s Ambrose Lane %2$s
%1$s Ambrose Yard %2$s
%1$s Woodley Smith Street %2$s
%1$s Kay Street %2$s
%1$s Dimble Lane %2$s
%1$s Dimble Street %2$s
%1$s Corduroy Street %2$s
%1$s Velvet Park %2$s
%1$s Semple Street %2$s
%1$s Semple Way %2$s
%1$s Laundry Lane %2$s
%1$s Landry Way %2$s
%1$s Landry Street %2$s
%1$s Quaff Street %2$s
%1$s Quaff Road %2$s
%1$s Quaff Place %2$s
%1$s Stencil Street %2$s
%1$s Stump Street %2$s
%1$s Seed Street %2$s
%1$s Stump Lane %2$s
%1$s Seed Square %2$s
%1$s Coarse Street %2$s
%1$s Shire Square %2$s
%1$s Shire Road %2$s
%1$s Corn Street %2$s
%1$s Ice Street %2$s
%1$s Earl Grey Place %2$s
%1$s Earl Grey Avenue %2$s
%1$s Earl Grey Square %2$s
%1$s Lady Grey Gardens %2$s
%1$s Lady Grey Park %2$s
%1$s Lady Grey Street %2$s
%1$s Breakfast Lane %2$s
%1$s Ceylon Street %2$s
%1$s Assam Court %2$s
%1$s Stephen Street %2$s
%1$s Needle Street %2$s
%1$s Pinmakers' Arms %2$s
%1$s Cotton Street %2$s
%1$s Cordelia Square %2$s
%1$s Cordelia Gardens %2$s
%1$s Cordelia Place %2$s
%1$s Wainwright Square %2$s
%1$s Wainwright Road %2$s
%1$s Wainwright Lane %2$s
%1$s Wainwright Gardens %2$s
%1$s Dock Street %2$s
%1$s Assize Square %2$s
%1$s Session Street %2$s
%1$s Procession Avenue %2$s
%1$s Dumpling Street %2$s
%1$s Baroness Court %2$s
%1$s Grange Road %2$s
%1$s Lustre Street %2$s
%1$s Pole Lane %2$s
%1$s Goodman Street %2$s
%1$s Birdbush Lane %2$s
%1$s Starling Street %2$s
%1$s Sparrow Street %2$s
%1$s Finch Square %2$s
%1$s Barnaby Lane %2$s
%1$s Barnaby Street %2$s
%1$s Rudge Street %2$s
%1$s Poppyseed Court %2$s
%1$s Sesame Lane %2$s
%1$s Hector Street %2$s
%1$s Victory Road %2$s
%1$s Plonk Street %2$s
%1$s Lump Street %2$s
%1$s Milliner Street %2$s
%1$s Milliner's Lane %2$s
%1$s Lawn Street %2$s
%1$s Garden Street %2$s
%1$s Gnome Street %2$s
%1$s Gargoil Court %2$s
%1$s Prichard Stret %2$s
%1$s Tallow Stret %2$s
%1$s Tallow Lane %2$s
%1$s Valient Square %2$s
%1$s St. Peter's Gate %2$s
%1$s Tulip Court %2$s
%1$s Tulip Avenue %2$s
%1$s Tulip Lane %2$s
%1$s Kipper Street %2$s
%1$s Vestige Street %2$s
%1$s Vestige Lane %2$s
%1$s Puddle Street %2$s
%1$s Foster Street %2$s
%1$s Drag Street %2$s
%1$s Rickman Street %2$s
%1$s Rickman Square %2$s
%1$s Rickman Lane %2$s
%1$s Carlill Road %2$s
%1$s Carlill Street %2$s
%1$s Quill Street %2$s
%1$s Holst Street %2$s
%1$s Quilt Street %2$s
%1$s Quilt Lane %2$s
%1$s Candle Street %2$s
%1$s Ponds %2$s
%1$s Breen Street %2$s
%1$s Gasket Street %2$s
%1$s Pie Stret %2$s
%1$s Pie Lane %2$s
%1$s Sleet Lane %2$s
%1$s Sleet Park %2$s
%1$s Valent Street %2$s
%1$s Cream Street %2$s
%1$s Bunnell Street %2$s
%1$s Brute Street %2$s
%1$s Crown Street %2$s
%1$s Cornoation Park %2$s
%1$s Cornoation Square %2$s
%1$s Clove Street %2$s
%1$s Castle Bailey Square %2$s
%1$s Clown Street %2$s
%1$s Bunny Street %2$s
%1$s Whistle Street %2$s
%1$s Moss Street %2$s
%1$s Moss Lane %2$s
%1$s Meal Street %2$s
%1$s Ladel Street %2$s
%1$s Paget Street %2$s
%1$s Paget Square %2$s
%1$s Plantagenet Square %2$s
%1$s Finland Hill %2$s
%1$s Million Street %2$s
%1$s Clay Lane %2$s
%1$s Gold Lane %2$s
%1$s Gold Street %2$s
%1$s Gold Square %2$s
%1$s Goldsmmiths' Corner %2$s
%1$s Silversmith's Square %2$s
%1$s Cauldron Lane %2$s
%1$s Alison Street %2$s
%1$s Line Street %2$s
%1$s Arc Street %2$s
%1$s Arc Road %2$s
%1$s Mustard Street %2$s
%1$s Milk Street %2$s
%1$s Honey Street %2$s
%1$s Mustard Lane %2$s
%1$s Milk Lane %2$s
%1$s Honey Lane %2$s
%1$s Cordwainer's Lane %2$s
%1$s Cord Street %2$s
%1$s Pig Street %2$s
%1$s Bear Street %2$s
%1$s Bear Lane %2$s
%1$s Crowcross Square %2$s
%1$s Emily Street %2$s
%1$s Nelson Square %2$s
%1$s Nelson Place %2$s
%1$s Wellington Street %2$s
%1$s Wellington Square %2$s
%1$s Fitzpatrick Square %2$s
%1$s Rosary Street %2$s
%1$s Foundry Street %2$s
%1$s Gudgeon Street %2$s
%1$s Pambour Street %2$s
%1$s Wishaw Street %2$s
%1$s Obsidian Lane %2$s
%1$s Rosethorn Lane %2$s
%1$s Rosethorn Court %2$s
%1$s Obsidian Park %2$s
%1$s Rose Park %2$s
%1$s Tsar Street %2$s
%1$s Novelty Street %2$s
%1$s Quality Lane %2$s
%1$s Hod Lane %2$s
%1$s Hod Street %2$s
%1$s Book Street %2$s
%1$s Book Lane %2$s
%1$s Bookmaker's Arms %2$s
%1$s Bookmaker Alley %2$s
%1$s Bibby Street %2$s
%1$s Fothergill Street %2$s
%1$s Bain Street %2$s
%1$s Tybald Road %2$s
%1$s Wellington Road %2$s
%1$s Victoria Road %2$s
%1$s Richard Street %2$s
%1$s Western Terrace %2$s
%1$s Eastern Terrace %2$s
%1$s Strawberry Lane %2$s
%1$s Consulate Street %2$s
%1$s Gimble Street %2$s
%1$s Tumbleholme Lane %2$s
%1$s Flatiron Street %2$s
%1$s Greenstove Lane %2$s
%1$s Gunnell Street %2$s
%1$s Tremlin Road %2$s
%1$s Linnet Street %2$s
%1$s Dopple Street %2$s
%1$s King George Street %2$s
%1$s George Street %2$s
%1$s George Square %2$s
%1$s George Park %2$s
%1$s George Gardens %2$s
%1$s George Lane %2$s
%1$s George Place %2$s
%1$s George Terrace %2$s
%1$s Prince George Street %2$s
%1$s Prince George Square %2$s
%1$s Prince George Park %2$s
%1$s Prince George Gardens %2$s
%1$s Prince George Lane %2$s
%1$s Prince George Place %2$s
%1$s Prince George Terrace %2$s