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[New release] Simutrans-Experimental 11.3

Started by jamespetts, July 28, 2013, 09:14:22 PM

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A new version of Simutrans-Experimental is available to-day: Simutrans 112.3 Experimental 11.2. See here for more information on how to download, install and set up the latest version. For those already familiar with the installation and setup, here are some quick links:

Edit: Added links to Windows and Mac binaries (thanks to M. Collett for the Mac version).

Note that the Windows binaries contain the Windows version of the no-graphics server, Makeobj and Nettool, and the Linux server binary contains the Linux version of Nettool.

This is a minor bug fixing release to address some of the issues identified since the release of 11.2, including an issue causing the online playing server to crash. The last major release was Simutrans-Experimental 11.0, which contained significant enhancements over the previous version.

A full list of changes follows.

Changes since 11.2

  • FIX: For some unaccountable reason, very large aircraft (747s in Pak128.Britain-Ex) would in the depot check before departing falsely report that they had no power or speed, causing them incorrectly to report "incorrect vehicle assembly". This is a workaround fix, as the basic problem is undiagnosed.
  • FIX: Correct spelling error in "unprotect_abondoned_player_months = unprotect_abandoned_player_months (was "abondoned" - the old word will still work, however.
  • CHANGE: Increase default setting for unprotecting abandoned players from 3 to 10 years, which works better in longer network games.
  • FIX: Integer overflow causing crash in acceleration code.
  • FIX: Properly detect whether a waypoint requires reversing.
  • CHANGE: Prohibit purchasing of vehicles which are necessarily preceded by powered vehicles that are incompatible with the depot's traction type.
  • FIX: Errors in the computation of interest for players with extremely high account balances (use 64-bit arithmetic instead of 32-bit arithmetic).
  • FIX: Walking between stations. Remove non-functioning method of preventing infinite loops; add functioning method. Before this fix, passengers would only walk between stations at the month change (Neroden)
  • FIX: Passengers and mail did not complete their journeys to factories when the stop was within the passenger but not the freight radius.
Feedback and testing

Thanks also to all those who have tested Simutrans-Experimental and provided useful feedback: it is very much appreciated. Any feedback from this version would, as ever, also be very much appreciated, including (1) the new features introduced in 11.0 (see here); (2) online play (see here for a list of Simutrans-Experimental servers); (3) general bug reports; (4) information as to how well-balanced that the game is; (5) any difference in approach/strategy needed for Simutrans-Experimental as over Simutrans-Standard; and (6) any other useful feedback.

I should also be grateful for feedback on how the performance of this version compares to recent previous versions (10.27 and earlier).

I shall bid people good playing, and look forward to any feedback!


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