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[Pak128.Britain] San Francisco Bay Area

Started by citybus7, July 30, 2013, 07:57:18 PM

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For all who still find automatically generated maps monotonous, I am sharing a Simutrans version of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Map size is 1024x1024. I started with the heightmap found in the Simutrans maps database, but I first modified the heightmap, and then did additional terraforming once the map was generated.

I have used Pak128.Britain for the simple reason that I find it more visually appealing than base Pak128. I have increased starting money considerably and increased station coverage to 6 tiles. Also, the vehicles will drive on the right, do not worry.

I have tried to make the map as realistic as possible, without jeopardising playability. In general, the population of towns in this game is approx 1/4 of their real-life populations. Major cities included in the map are San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Oakland, Stockton, Modesto and Santa Rosa. They are located sufficiently away from each other for intercity transport to feature importantly in the game. The industries were placed randomly when I was expanding the towns.

I will start playing the game now, my goal will be to design a realistic transport network that will enable growth and at the same time not destroy the image of this beautiful area.

For a screenshot of the northern part of the map click here.
For a screenshot of the southern part of the map click here.
For a sample screenshot of San Francisco click here.
For a sample screenshot of Pacifica click here.
For a sample screenshot of Fairfiels and Vacaville click here.

Click here to download the save game (Simutrans version 112.3, Pak128.Britain version 1.14)

Thank you for playing this game!


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I should like to post about this, using one of your screenshots. Are they under a creative commons license, public domain or something similar?

Prefered image would be the southern map.

ps. it'd be a good idea to write the version of simutrans and pak128.Britain you used for this to the initial posting. This is still interesting in three years, then that information is good to have.


I am very happy with the first positive reactions - thanks! Thank you for reminding me, information about the version of the base game and the pak set has now been included into the first post.

You are free to use, modify and distribute my work, as long as authorship is acknowledged and the use, modification or distribution is non-commercial.


As a pak128.Britain ex fan who lives in Sunnyvale, CA, I applaud your effort!

Some day we can have BART infrastructure and rolling stock and Caltrain ... and light rail which runs in the subway!!  And the old Key system!  Oooh yes!  And the Transamerica Pyramid and Alcatraz and various disconnected tech headquarters which run their own bus system!  Oooh yes!

But what I really want to do, one day: cable cars!  Very expensive ways to build and maintain, but they can climb a hill like nobody's business!  :)

Okay ... back to my day job ...



I feel like this would be an excellent map for multiplayer!

who's in??


Anyone still has this save? I lost mine when I changed computer...
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