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Cityrules for diagonal roads are broken

Started by prissi, August 05, 2013, 10:18:29 PM

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In pak128 city growth leads to lots of "road circles" i.e. diagonals are extended with branches. This loots ugly and is also not good for road vehicles. Are there any planes to amend the cityrules to avoid this?


This was on purpose, as long diagonal stretches are unplayable since you can't build stops on them.
It's enough to comment out a couple of rules to remove this behavior.

I also wonder if the code could handle better the case of straight/diagonal road intersection.


Hmm - this is an issue in Pak128.Britain, too.
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You could still extend diagonals; but then using 7x7rules sets to have only one branch every 3 tiles and not countless loops. I had actially a city which covered then entire space between two outgoing roads with diagonal loops.

I would als suggest to avoid building houses on diagonal roads (like in pak64). That way cities creep out a lot slower.


road rules are actually 9*9. extending them to arbitrary x*x could be great.

no houses on diagonals is an interesting idea.


If you use 9x9 sets, then I do not understand how those roundabout are made on diagonals. Those can be avoided then.