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Comfort Level: Connecting vs Through

Started by dannyman, August 10, 2013, 12:53:05 AM

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So, let's say a stage coach is comfortable for 40m.
But your destination is a 70m journey.

Better the vehicle drops you off at a stop after 35m and you board a waiting stage coach?  Adds 5m waiting time to your journey, but you are comfortable for both segments.

Or better a stage coach that makes the entire journey in 70m, the last 30m being uncomfortable?

I'm playing in 1814, so I've designed the network to be point-to-point connecting services, no single segment exceeding 40m.  This seems consistent with the "stage" part of a "stage coach" . . .



Well historically you'd have had to get off stage coaches for food and so on every few hours...


You certainly could do that for stage coaches - as Kieron points out, there is an element of historical accuracy to that system (although normally passengers would re-board the same coach: it is not possible to make passengers get off and back on the same vehicle again in Simutrans-Experimental, as there would be no reliable way of restricting this to just stage coaches, for example, and people certainly do not do this on trains or local 'buses!). But bear in mind that the comfort level scales gradually: you will get a revenue bonus if the comfort level is greater than the base (the 0:40h in this case), scaled by the extent to which it is greater, and a revenue penalty if it is less than the base, again, scaled by the extent to which it is less. The penalty is more significant than the bonus in amount, but you might find that it is still profitable to transport passengers even in some discomfort, especially for shorter journeys where the comfort penalty/bonus is much less: after all, passengers are, in fact, transported profitably in discomfort on many short distance commuter networks.
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