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Buildings stay as building sites

Started by Jon120, July 21, 2013, 01:27:18 PM

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I got the latest game engine and pak sets today. But when I start a new game. All the buildings are building sites. But the points of interest buildings like industries and city halls, and tourist attractions become buildings and the boring buildings stay as building sites. Any help will be much appreciated :)


Is the game paused, by any chance? They will remain building sites for a short while after the map is created, but this can be delayed indefinitely by pausing the game.
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It wasn't pause. I know what I have done now. In the display options I selected "Hide city buildings". If I changed that to "no buildings hidden" I can see them all now ;D I feel so embarrassed  :-[


There is also an option for hiding buildings by turning them into (for the most part) black ghostly outlines rather than construction sites.