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BR Class 150 "Sprinter" DMU (front) coupling

Started by ReeceCitylink, August 16, 2013, 02:58:52 PM

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Why can I not couple a Class 150 DMU with a class 150 DMU.


This was an error in the dat files. Did someone copy over a whole load of experimental dats over the standard ones? There's more than a few errors in the dats now as well as lots of experimental information. I already had to fix 104/117/120/128 series coupling - I've just committed fixed versions of 15x series now to SVN too.

The Hood

I may have done that although the 150 dats (and a few others) originally appeared in experimental so I just copied the dats from there -  experimental only stuff can normally just get ignored by standard makeobj. Thanks for commiting all these and other things to standard svn recently btw!