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Help: How to set up a server (111.0 (r4851) and above)

Started by OpiesRevenge, January 26, 2012, 09:39:18 PM

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Ok how do I do steps 2 and 3? In the same area as the other? does It matter where I enter info into the game like this like what areas what should go into?


I would like to have a VPS running for simutrans but so far I have had no luck in compiling simutrans on my own.
There was an tutorial I found but make process didn't went smooth, some error message that didn't gave me a hint.
Maybe it changed somthings in 111.2.2, any help will be appreciated for a public server (running Ubuntu 10.04)


EDIT: found both again

I got the sources from Soureforge, even not from the SVN. Also added pak128.

and the erro message I get a compiling:
===> LD  build/default/sim
build/default/besch/reader/obj_reader.o: In function `obj_reader_t::loac(char const*, char const*)':
/root/besch/reader/ undefined reference to `large_font_total_height'
build/default/boden/grund.o: In function `grund_t::display_overlay(short, short)':
/root/boden/ undefined reference to `large_font_total_height'
/root/boden/ undefined reference to `large_font_total_height'
/root/boden/ undefined reference to `large_font_total_height'
/root/boden/ undefined reference to `large_font_total_height'
build/default/boden/grund.o:/root/boden/ more undefined references to `large_font_total_height' follow
build/default/simwin.o: In function `win_draw_window_title':
/root/ undefined reference to `large_font_ascent'
/root/ undefined reference to `large_font_ascent'
build/default/vehicle/simvehikel.o: in function `vehikel_t::display_after(int, int, bool) const':
/root/vehicle/ undefined reference to `large_font_total_height'
/root/vehicle/ undefined reference to `large_font_total_height'
collect2: Id returned 1 exit status
make: *** [build/default/sim] Error 1

PS: tried to make a account here with a GMX address and never got a confimation mail, not even on new request


Weird. What source code are you trying to compile? Please try the svn version:

username "anon"
password empty

To build version 111.2.2 use revision 5583.
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and maggikraut.


I'm probably too stupid... I fetched the svn from your source (thanks) and went through make ('ll try to make a tutorial based on the two others later).
Next problem was how to get a map... as I am on a real server I couldn't start simutrans regularily to create one, so I've uploaded one from my pc, so I could start the server version with it. But my local simutrans wasn't able to connect to it, well it was, the server echoed something like " connected", but never could play or anything.
Tutorial later hopefully, maybe I'll do another attempt on the server


How to set up an LAN server - Tips

Quote from: prissi on April 26, 2011, 02:47:07 PM
THe server is only visible, if it is registered on the server list. But you can connect to it without the list, just enter the address. Please only enter server to the list which are actually working.

How to set up a server and client on the same machine:

Quote from: VS on April 26, 2011, 03:10:06 PM
You will run Simutrans twice - once as the server*, once as "some" client. The instance started with -server option will be the server, and the other will connect to it. Connecting is where you will "add server".

The address is special (everywhere) and means "same computer". So, you can use that only if you run Simu twice on one machine. Otherwise, you will have to find out your IP addresses yourself...

*Advisable: duplicate the whole Simutrans folder, choose one for server and edit server's to have singleuser_install=1. This will prevent clashes of two Simutranses running on one computer, when you try stuff.

Comment from prissi:
The latter is usually not needed, I run the client and server from the same executable and it works nicely.

You can add a new link to the client by using "net:" as filename for the -load option.


Idk how you guys do to set up the .tab :o

Anyone can explain me step by step? =D

You guys are so pro,a video will have so many views