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Extract world speed record management into its own class

Started by ArthurDenture, September 08, 2013, 04:05:48 AM

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I noticed that world speed record management in was pretty self-contained, so I wrote up a patch to move it into its own class. See attached.

It's not a huge win, but it's still a nice small improvement: several dozen lines of code and some member variables are removed from



It looks like you might have forgotten an "svn add" on the two new files...

(On the plus side, caught this :-).)


Yep, dataobj/records.* is not on svn, prissi

EDIT: Just uploaded them myself @6695, I hope prissi doesn't mind. I also restored the three slashes comments in the .h world records, that way the comments appear in doxygen, you turned them to two slashes, I hope you don't mind it either. :)