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New Keybindings
« on: September 13, 2013, 07:56:28 PM »
Being forced to click on way to many icons to build the most basic things i thought about an update to the keybindings.

Here is a comparative list of old and suggested new:
Code: [Select]
old new
a query query
b reserved ways train bridge
c screenshot canal
d lower Land lower land
e catenary catenary
f finances track (tram)
g transformer train tunnel
h headquater all up slope
i stop (train)
j stop (road)
k player list fast forward
l power line power line
m map map
n game info all down slope
o station list
p pause pause
q hide buildings
r remove remove
s street street
t track (train) track (train)
u raise land raise land
v station cov. station coverage
w line management street brigde
x street tunnel
y line management
z undo undo

A attraction list attraction list
B message Center message Center
C found City screenshot
D city list
E remove catenary
F factory List Finances
G goods List goods List
H station list station list
I player list
J jump to jump to
K buy house buy house
L load transformer
M place sign place sign
N factory List
O show owner show owner
P change player change player
Q options options
R rotate rotate
S save remove street
T city list remove track
U undergr. view underground view
V vehicle list vehicle list
W fast forward fast forward
X found City
Y reserved ways
Z game info

! station name station name appearance
" hide buildings
ยง plant tree plant tree
% hide trees hide trees
& build urban b. build urban building
/ tooltips tooltips
( factory builder factory builder
+ inc. brightness inc. brightness
- decr. brightness decrease brightness
* day/night day/night
# grid grid
, decel. time decel. time
. accel. Time accel. Time
[home] level down level down
[end] level up level up
5 query
0 monorail track

^l load
^s save
^u sliced underground
^x exit (inactive)

As bridges, tunnels and stations have to be defined explicitly the attached works only with pak128. Railroad brige and tunnel are the old 80, and road tunnel and bridge are the 50 variant.

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Re: New Keybindings
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2013, 08:11:14 PM »
"reserved ways" is essential to clear deadlock or find out why trains are stuck. It is acutllay the "Deadlock clearing tool". "headquater" looks like a spelling error and is indeed not needed that often.

The player list is very frequently used in network games, and is k also in other paks.

I would suggest to keep some keybindings similar across paks, i.e. f finances, k player list, " hide buildings, w Line window, W fast forward, b block clearing too, F factory list (need much seldom than finances ... ), S save game,

What is "stop (train)"? Such a tool does not exist. The brightness tools are obsolete, and should rather increase resp. decrease the slice trough the map.

Otherwise some good ideas, imho.

Offline Aquin

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Re: New Keybindings
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2013, 08:34:09 PM »
Stop road/train: i should have used station istead, so it is bus stop and train station.

Keybindings seem to be identical for at least pak64, pak128, pak128britain and pak128german. And yes I think it would be a good idea to keep them that way ;-) but since bridges, tunnels and stations have to be pak specific I posted it here.

I did not remove any keybindings, some that I thought less important got moved to less intuitive keys.
Load and save are now [ctrl]+l and [ctrl]+s, or maybe I should use windows standard [ctrl]+o and [ctrl]+s.
Finances got upgaded to capital F, player list is I, Factory list got moved to N, " to hide buildings and W for fast forward can be kept. Changing + and - to move through the slices is more intuitive than [home] and [end].

Further suggestions are welcome.