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Passenger success rate?

Started by choro, September 24, 2013, 01:51:25 PM

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I've recently started playing Experimental after some years playing the normal version, and, well, it's awesome  :-*

I've noticed buildings have a passenger success rate - in my game houses have a success rate of around 50%, but attractions have 0% success.

How do I increase success rates, both for houses and attractions? Do I need to place closer stations? Or increase frequency or speed? Or other tips?




hello, glad that you like Experimental! Success rates of buildings are determined by the number of passengers transported successfully from them compared to the total number of passengers generated. You will never get a 100% success rate until somebody invents teleportation and we add that to the game (which would make the game rather tedious), as some theoretical passengers will only travel if a completely impossible journey time is available (for example, a person living in London might theoretically visit her/his aunt in Scotland for half an hour at lunch' time if only there was some way to get there and back in ten minutes). To maximise the figures, however, make sure that you take as many people to where they want to go as possible, as fast as possible: many journeys will fail if they take too long, and journey times are measured door to door, so make sure that you have an efficient local transport system as well as an efficient medium and long distance transport system.

At the moment, attractions will never show any success rates, so ignore the success rates on those. This is because attractions do not generate passengers. I am currently working on overhauling the passenger generation system, which should make the passenger success rates clearer and more meaningful, and also make them link to how towns actually grow: at the moment, they are just useful information as to how good that the transport is for passengers in particular areas.

Hope that this helps!
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It indeed does help. Thanks a lot for your explanation.