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Enhancement Harbor area and extensions Pak192.Comic

Started by INJMVO, April 02, 2013, 12:10:55 PM

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Over at pak128 we have started on some new harbor tiles and new ideas for the harbors:
Do you want to join and share what your ideas are?
Inspired by the work of Alex. Brose I have made a .pak with some harbor tiles.
I hope the black (out)lines are in the right place.
Can you help me with the black (out)line on the Sheet piles
I found that the NS Canal is not centered so for the canal quay I used the EW
And maybe you want to lower the water level in the canals so you can see more of the walls from the quays.
and I found out that you can use the harbor tiles alongside the canal:


at the next version we will have this one:

it's possible, that the canal is not centered. someday we want to create a new one
Rainforest Instead of Palm Oil !!

pak192.comic - Download Version 0.5 - Czech AddOns for pak192.comic