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Sorcen for pak192.comic

Started by Ramagani, November 30, 2013, 03:52:13 PM

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Hello Everybody

I want to ask all poeple that had do graphics for this pakset if we can take this to change the size to put in 192.comic.

Ist more easy to ask here all together and i hope that all like this idea.
This pakset ist die. at the moment a many happend to the 192.comic pakset so that all graphics have there a second chance to life. :D

i hope the answer a positiv, so that we can put fast graphics in to the 192.



this pakset is not dead. Its development was re-started recently, when I began creation objects for it - and also An_dz and Reytm2 recently created some objects for it.

I don't know why Reytm2 is silent, but An_dz is busy to do anything for pak96.comic.

And also, scale of pak192.comic is a bit different from scale of pak192.comic:
pak96.comic has one height for floors, 13 pixels
pak192.comic has height for floors between 18 and 22 pixels

it means that scale of pak192.comic is not double of pak96.comic

Chybami se člověk učí - ale někteří lidé jsou nepoučitelní


All objects in the repository are open-source if you guys want to use it for 192.comic.


Someone have told me that are problems inside the team of the 96er set.

We want to take things from Reytm2. This things aren´t on the repository. there are only few things what arent interessted in the moment for us. sojo said to me that i must ask first the poeple before he give Graphics to us.


Reytm2 stuff are on the repository, I have even enhanced most by adding all four faces.