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Bridges in half height pak

Started by Andyh, December 07, 2013, 05:12:07 AM

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Don't know if this is a bug or a feature, but thought I would inquire.  When I create a road bridge over a way that's at the same level there is a drop between the top of the pier and the flat part of the bridge (see file 'Bridge1').  It doesn't prevent traffic from crossing the bridge but looks weird because vehicles appear to go over a precipitous drop when they reach the top of the bridge.  I can get around the issue by building artificial slopes on either side of the bridge but this requires 2 extra tiles and feels unnecessary.  Is this behavior intentional?


Bridge should be higher if there are single and double height ramps. I did have a patch at one point to allow different height bridges if shift was held down but don't think that was ever added.


Yes, the default behavior at the moment seems to be to generate double height ramps with a single height bridge and no obvious means of altering that behavior unless you, in effect, build your own ramps by using the 'Build artificial slopes' tools.


My bad
Road bridges haven't been completely converted yet.
I'll fix it ASAP

Thank you for reporting though!

Edit: just checked; the problem should affect bridges with speed of 55, 70, and 90 km/h in latest nightly. All the other bridges are supposed to work ok.


I'm just checking in to see whether there have been any developments as to this thread.  I downloaded nightly r7000 a couple of days ago and the problem is still there.
Fabio: I didn't quite follow your edit (I'm probably misunderstanding something) as there don't seem to be bridges of 55 or 90 mph in the HH pak128.  However, I did test all the rail and road bridges and this seems to be the current situation: Rail: 60, 120, 140 and 160 kph bridges work as they should; the other 2 bridges (80, and 100 kph) have the center height problem.  Road: none of the bridges work correctly, all have the center height issue.
Is there anything I can do to help resolve this?


Just checking in again to see whether anyone could advise a way to resolve this bridge issue in the pak128 half height pak.  If anyone could give me some general instructions on how to convert the remaining bridges I'm happy to work on this myself.


It will require someone to redraw some images. For consistency that should probably be Fabio. I'm sure he'll do this as soon as he has some time :)


I'm coming back to Simutrans after a bit of a hiatus.  Does anyone know if this issue with half height bridges has been fixed?  In general, what's the status of the half height pack?


Last I heard it was nearly there. pak64 and pak128.Britain should be fully ready.


Hello Andyh
The Update of the Pak128 in half high do in momnent not work.
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