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Can you elaborate on Loading times?

Started by ekhmuel, December 21, 2013, 06:40:53 PM

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"Different vehicles can therefore load and unload at different rates. How long that it actually takes a convoy to load/unload within that range depends on the number of passengers/amount of goods that are loaded at the stop in question."

- Overview of Simutrans-Experimental

How do we find this out? (Each vehicles loading time range.) Or do we have to sit in the game and physically test out a few convoys?


Not sure whether I understand you right - but you can see a vehicle's loading time range in the depot.


The loading time ranges are shown both for each vehicle in the convoy details window and also the depot/replace windows.
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Got it: I didn't look at the "Berthing" info (i.e. the 'modules' you put on bigger ships.) I was looking at the ship itself.

Allows me to work out the timing schedules & convoy spacing better. (Keep getting "Waiting time unknown".)