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food addon: grain mill chimney position is different for rotated views

Started by railworker, December 28, 2013, 03:20:33 PM

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I play pak64 with food addon with simutrans version 112.3 - r6520.

The bug is this: The position of the chimneys is either near the coast or away from it, it changes when rotating the map.

Original view:

rotate once:

rotate 2nd time:

rotate 3rd time:

and back to original view:
rotate 2nd time:

Unfortunately, I neither know the version number of the pak nor the version number of the food addon. I just know I got simutrans a couple months ago, using the windows installer which allowed me to select the paks and addons I wanted. I chose pak and pak64 with available addons each.

How can I look up the version number of pak64 and the food addon?

My C:\Program Files (x86)\Simutrans folder was apparently created on 2013-07-21.


This is actually not a bug. It's just that there are only two images for the grain mill, one 1x3 tiles and one 3x1 tiles. There are lot's of buildings in pak64, and most likely all other pak sets, that are like this.

Until relatively recently, it wasn't possible to rotate the map, so there was no need for other images back when most of the pak sets were made. Since then, the artists may have left.