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[Guidelines] How to post a Bug Report

Started by jamespetts, December 30, 2013, 01:09:27 PM

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All bug reports for Simutrans-Extended are gratefully received, as they greatly assist in making Simutrans-Extended a better game. However, to make it easier for me and other Simutrans-Extended developers, it would be extremely helpful if bug reports could conform to the guidelines for reporting bugs. Those guidelines were written with Standard in mind, but apply also to Experimental, with the following minor modifications:

(1) please make sure that you are using the latest nightly version of Simutrans-Extended (available here) for the day on which you make the post with the bug report (to make sure that the bug that you are reporting has not already been fixed);

(2) if you are reporting a bug in a version that you have compiled yourself, please state in the title of the bug report the Github branch from which you have compiled it and make sure that your version is up to date (as the bug might have been fixed in the meantime; e.g. "[Train-tea-temperature-fix] - adding a shipyard makes my cat sneeze"); and

(3) in each bug report, please try to include if possible: (a) a saved game in which the problem can reliably be reproduced; and (b) a precise description of the steps necessary to reproduce the bug.

Many thanks to all those who take their time to report bugs in Simutrans-Extended: it is much appreciated.
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