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BR 378 (london overground) coupling

Started by Vladki, January 06, 2014, 11:52:38 PM

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Hi, i noticed that BR 378 has somehow weird constraints. I could build only trains in formation like this:
Front - middle - (more middle) - powered middle - rear (- front again...)
I'm not sure about the technical abilities of these cars, according to wikipedia they are 4 car units (F-M-PM-R). Some first units were only three cars (maybe F-M-R), and they plan to extend them to 5 or even 6 cars but I couldn't find info if the extra cars would be powered or not.

In game acceleration is quite bad so I would like to build a convoy where every other car would be powered. I have prepared a dat file that allows units whit arbitrary mix of powered and unpowered cars in the middle. If someone knows better what  constraints are on real units I can change it.


There are definitely 5 car units in operation: they go from my local station. I am not quite sure (without checking) whether all of these units are powered or not. Was the difficulty that you were having with acceleration in Standard or Experimental?
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Standard. I had built a 6 tile (8 cars) long train with only 3 powered cars (front, rear and one middle) and it took forever to get to full speed even when the train was empty. Now I run two 4-car units together (with 6 powered cars) and acceleration is better. But still nothing amusing.