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Documentation - can I help?

Started by Simon Small, January 11, 2014, 07:12:43 PM

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Simon Small

Hello. I 'found' Simutrans last summer when playing around with my Raspberry Pi. It ran OK but got a bit sluggish when I opened too many windows. I spent most of the time trying to work out how Simutrans works. I think I might have another go, this time trying to get a bit further. I have downloaded version 112.3 to my PC to play with.

I have noticed that the English Wiki is a bit short of information (no insult intended), and the link to the Documentation is broken. I have copies of the Simutrans Guide and Simutrans Manual, both version 102.0, from my previous attempt. I also have the source code for 111.3 (the zip version from the website).

I wondered if I might have a go at adding to the Wiki, by combining what is in the in-game help, the manuals and the wiki, then looking at the source code to check it all makes sense. I don't want to do things that are contrary to any plans and conventions of the regular members, so I will have a good look around and check everything before acting.

Is anyone working on this already? Is there a good source of information already that makes these efforts pointless? I hope someone can offer guidance before I get started; I have a lot of things to read and check before then.

Simon Small (England)


There is a good chance that the information in the wiki is largely outdated. Any help to improve this is highly appreciated.

By the way, for several issues (like format of dat files for pak creation or similar, the japanese wiki may hold useful images and tables, even if you do not understand any japanese just the links under sitemap (english) on the left.

Addon (pak input) doku:

Simon Small

I tried to register on the wiki. I did not get the confirmation email. I can use the 'forgot password' screen, but it tells me I have already been sent an email, and to contact the administrator if I don't get it. If I use the 'Contact us' link, it says I don't have the privileges for that. My wiki User is "SimonSmall" (no spaces). Can someone sort this out, or let me know what to do?


I have confirmed your account

The mail delivery is weakening slightly.

Simon Small

Sorry to keep this thread going, but I think this is the last step in my attempt to join in. I feel I am nearly there

I looked at the wiki, and noticed there were three pages in the English wiki relating to Texts and Translation. I have restructured them to reduce duplication; one page is the translation rules, one page is an explanation of the structure for translators and the third is technical information for developers. I then noticed as I was finishing off my drafts of these pages that two are linked from the SimuTranslator site. I think that the way they work makes sense, but I hope that someone can check them in case I have errors in there. I also checked the German (single) page with Google translation and added a bit from there

Perhaps someone who speaks other languages could consider translating my pages to other languages

I have noticed several translations that could be changed; do I change them anonymously, or is it better that I have an account on SimuTranslator?


Anonymously on simutranslator you can only suggest changes, which I (or another admin) must approve. For the wiki, I am honestly not sure, sorry.

I can set up an account on the translator, if that is helpful.