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Toll Booths

Started by KrazyJay, January 21, 2009, 07:37:12 PM

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Would it be possible to have toll booths which can earn money from CityCars to compensate for the roads put down?

Since the CityCars only/mostly drive when they cannot go by public transport, it would be nice to use toll booths like some construction companies do to earn money back from their investments, for example the M6(toll) in the UK, but also the M1 in Hungary. They're privately owned roads constructed by order of the government because the government can save money from the investment that way and the company can earn money from the exploitation.
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I think this is not suported from Simutrans. So I can't create a Toll Booths.
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There is toll booths in a Japanese highway set which is only on simutrans japan site but they cant make money. (and i cant find them again    :D)   

Edit: They are for pak 128 anyway.


They could have negative maintainance (and thus profit) but it wouldn't depend on the actual number of fars crossing them, unfortunately


Quote from: fabio on June 30, 2010, 12:56:02 PM
They could have negative maintainance (and thus profit) but it wouldn't depend on the actual number of fars crossing them, unfortunately
Wouldn't it be awesome if they did earn from the cars that pass through? :)
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the idea is awesome, I always like to spend my oil-millions in improving the road-infrastructure (even when not using it for local transportation).

Since there is already a counter for each road-tile that counts vehicles, it should not be too hard to code it that way, that each car is charged a toll.

Best would be a system where the player can enter an amount he would like to charge (like e.g. 2,50$) and then the cars would either drive along (thus paying the player 2,50$) or just turn around because they don't want to pay. This should be done via randomness influenced by the height of the price, so that higher prices will be more often rejected, lower prices not. If your road is too long for one toll-booth to repay your investments, you could separate the road into segments that are individually charged for.

The other way would be, to set fees automatically according to the length of the road, this should be possible somehow since it already is done by the game-logic to calculate prices according to distance.

Am I wrong somewhere? Any objections? I like the idea already... : )

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