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A bunch of bugs

Started by gauthier, January 19, 2014, 03:43:19 PM

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I recently noticed several graphical bugs in pak128, plus two .dat bugs. Here is what I found so far :

First .dat bug :

Length of this TMB class **** is wrong.

Second one : TMB Class 6000 can be pulled by locomotives.

Graphical bugs :

A white pixel over this signal.

MTAB vehicles are misaligned.

Top corner of this building is cut.

Misaligned white line on the elevated city road.

Altaria has red lights instead of white/yellow ones.

Light level doesn't match direction of this tank wagon.



I'll take care of the vehicles later this afternoon. Thanks for reporting.

Edit: Some changes done (r1384 to r1386). Fixed TMB Class 3000 & 6000 and MTAB locos. Renfe 252 is ok, no changes needed (it's red paint and not lights, please turn on night mode to see that lights are ok). Need to check out what happened to the oil tanks, I'll look at the sources next week.


Thank you so much Zeno!

I'll look at the road & building glitches sometimes... (I can't promise anything)
About the building, could you tell me its name? (just click info to see it) It would help narrowing down the search.


Indeed, you made so much buildings of the same style that it's going to take time. I'll do that later today or tomorrow.

By the way, I attached a screen with a third rail problem.


I first wanted to check all your buildings of this style, then I realized that they are nearly hundreds of them, each one having eight directions ...
Here are some examples of "cut corners" :
RES_20_23, 7th direction
RES_31_21, 3rd and 7th direction

Unfortunately I am not crazy enough to check all of them, you had better check your sources  :-X


X2000's car appears in the wrong tab (passengers instead of electric). By the way I just noticed that there's a pak file for every single citybuilding, I'm wondering if merging all of them in one or some files wouldn't decrease pak loading time.


No merging paks will not change much at all. I stongly advise against merging ... Or only merge similar class of buildings (like all those variations of the same one). With that, the user can easily decide on the look and feel of the pak.


RES_06_08 needs needs_ground (or something like that).


Quote from: gauthier on April 20, 2014, 03:28:20 PM
RES_06_08 needs needs_ground (or something like that).
That building is RES_08_06. You are right it needs ground, but newer versions of simutrans seem to use that by default (looks good in r7148). Should I add needs_ground it anyway? It already has needs_ground = 1 and works fine for me in r7148.


It did at one time... odd that it reverted and was removed.  Certainly useful for backward compatibility at any rate, so add it back if you are able.
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You are right, Sarlock. I didn't check the right file, it already has the needs_ground set up.