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Influences of the new mail-bundles.

Started by AvG, January 23, 2014, 02:45:38 PM

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After the introduction of the new mail-bundle system attention is needed for:

- Instead of more mail there is less mail generated. I understood that this will be corrected in EXP 12.00

- The capacity of buildings like stops and mail-office also needs an increase of numbers for mail.

- The colored lines of the vehicles in the LINE-readout are quite misleading now. If possible make 2 lines; one for pax and one for mail.
Ad van Gerwen


The calibration has yet to be finished, but this should be corrected in the next major release; the pakset calibration is, I think, already done awaiting the next release (although I must confess that I do not remember exactly now). As to the coloured lines, this would require a rather substantial change in the code, which would be quite a low priority at present, I am afraid.
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