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Mirroring schedules with long distance waypoint routes

Started by Sarlock, January 27, 2014, 05:11:23 PM

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Something that I've discovered while playing the online game:

-Set up a route using waypoints between two long distance stations (having to use waypoints or the ship will be unable to find the route due to the distance)
-Select "mirror" in the schedule so that the boat can return on the same trip

If you then need to go in to the schedule at any future point while the ship is on its return journey to change/adjust something, you can only select one of the waypoints for the "to" part of the journey, not the return mirrored journey.  This means that if you make this change in the schedule while the ship is halfway back to its starting point, you can only make the ship go back the way it came.  On a short route this isn't a big deal but when it takes 120+ game hours (2 years game time or an entire day of real life time) to make a round trip, having to send the ship back to the end station is a major nuisance.  I had to disable the mirrored schedule selection and manually add the return route to the schedule so that I was able to select any point in its journey to make small tweaks, etc.

Something to keep in mind for people playing that game with long routes.  When you're waiting a long time for trips to occur and money is tight, you don't want to have to wait another 6-12 months of game time for that first revenue to show up.
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