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How to name the vehicles

Started by Leartin, February 17, 2014, 07:21:35 PM

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Finally, Pak192.comic made it's way back to the Simutranslator, so that future versions can be provided with more translations (at least in english, the rest is up to you ;))

However, now is a good time to streamline the names of our vehicles, especially in the track section. Which leads to a small internal dispute, so we woul appriciate your input on the matter.

The first is: Should the name or the number of a train go first? Here are a few examples:
Quote"CityShuttle" ÖBB Bmpz-s 5081 80-75
Einheitsdampflokomotive BR 02
"ICE 3" DB BR 403
"Ferkeltaxe" DB BR 771
In this case, the first thing to read would be a proper word (or at least a known abbrevation in case of the ICE), and fans might dig deeper and read the exact number of the train.

QuoteÖBB Bmpz-s 5081 80-75 "CityShuttle"
BR 02 Einheitsdampflokomotive
DB BR 403 "ICE 3"
DB BR 771 "Ferkeltaxe"
Here we have the number first, so that the train can be correctly classified, people who are new to the world of german trains need to read on. This would be important for names like "Ferkeltaxe", which was never an official name but something people made up.

Another thing is the usage of the national railway companies in the names, such as DB (Germany), ÖBB (Austria) or SBB (Swiss). Some of us feel that we don't need them, because it can mostly be read from the train number anyway, others think it would help newcomers.

I'd like to ask you, the players, what you think is the better way to go and what would be more comfortable to read, or maybe even discuss about advantages and disadvantages of either way.


Aa non train "freak" (I have no idea or interest in the trains themselves). For the sort order it would be better to have the number first, as newer trains or better/upgraded tend to have a higher number. If there are several variations on the same model, they will automatically be grouped together.

As you mentioned, they will also likely be sorted buy country as well since it is a part of the number. So from a sort point of view I would prefer <Country> <Model> <Name> <Colour?>
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For sorting purposes, this sounds to be a great idea. However, to my knowledge currently vehicles are not sorted by name, but by capacity and max speed. Is there a change planned for this? If the Depot is likely to get new functionality which is affected by the translated name (not the object name), it might have a big impact on our naming convention.