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[Patch] Add mail factor (adjustable separately from the passenger factor)

Started by Lus1531, February 22, 2014, 04:29:21 PM

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In PAK128.Japan, mail behave 1st passenger.
But generation of mail is too much as 1st passenger.
So generation of mail can be decreased, it can be solved.

This patch is to add option "mail_factor" to settings(such as
"mail_factor" behave like passenger_factor.

BattleSimutrans project(Japanese)
In japanese,"Lus" is spelled "ラス".


Well, but mail is also generated very differently for attractions, com, ind and res. For instance attractions generate 3-8 times more mail than they receive. Also ind have more mail than residences, which would be also not very 1st class like.


Sorry. I didn't mean it that way.
I just want to decrease generation of mail(1st class), so I made this patch.

Now, PAK128.Japan contain Green car(train or ship) and taxi(road) to transport 1st passenger.
But, that's capacity is less than mail transport vehicles of other paksets.(Of course, 2nd passenger capacity is as much as other paksets.)
It is the capacity of a real vehicles.

So, default generation of mail is very large for PAK128.Japan.
When I tried to transport 1st passenger to the station from the medium-size city by taxi, the road was filled by only taxies.
It indicate that 1st passenger of the big city can not be transported by taxies.

In trains, Green car capacity is little(except for Shinkansen and some commuter trains.) and must be connected to the many 2nd passenger car.
For example, 681 series can contain only one Green car(36 capacity), and must connect to at least two or more 2nd passenger car.
This is the current state of Japanese rail vehicles.

Oh, This patch can decrease mail of the map as a whole, but mail are very concentrated for attractions.
It needs more improvements...
BattleSimutrans project(Japanese)
In japanese,"Lus" is spelled "ラス".


Notice: This patch will not work!
I don't understand tourist algorithem of simutrans. I'm ashamed of myself.
I will improve it someday.
BattleSimutrans project(Japanese)
In japanese,"Lus" is spelled "ラス".