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SRGC "Enriching the Landscape" - Results

Started by Leartin, April 02, 2014, 11:22:31 AM

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Which Object enriches the landscape best?

Mysterious Footprint
Mystic Megalithic Grave
Wayside Cross


  • Mystic Megalithic Grave - by Alexander Brose
    First place with 15 out of 28 Votes (53.6%)

    This megalithic grave system was created according to the legend of the giant Lurd. Under the protection of boulders a treasure from the neolithic period is buried deep until today.

  • Beehive - by Flemmbrav
    Second place with 7 out of 28 Votes (25%)

    No description

  • Wayside Cross - by Leartin
    Third place with 3 out of 28 Votes (10.7%)

    In earlier times, wayside crosses were placed as a reminder at places where fatal accidents happened.

  • Mysterious Footprint - by Flemmbrav
    2 Votes (7.1%)

    Although geologists are investigating that imprint for decades now, nobody was able to identify it's creator. Who might it be?

  • Marterl - by Leartin
    1 Vote (3.6%)

    A Marterl is a christian shrine, a religios scene is depicted inside the niche. They are most commonly found in the alpine area.

Congratulations to the winners :D


I pretty much like the Mystic Megalithic Grave. :)

Probably it was slowly built by Great Tortoise worshipers long time ago.


Very nice pictures. Just one nitpicking note. Bees do not fly in winter. The snow covered beehive should be beeless. ;)

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As a megalith enthusiast  this choice was not that difficult...   8)
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Splitted off a topic that I think grew too large for this place: Religious Symbols in Simutrans
I hope nothing got lost :/


Results are in (see first post)
Congratulation to Alex and Flemm ^^