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Author Topic: Question about bus pricing (Praga T0 II vs Ikarus 260 BKV, but others, too)  (Read 3948 times)

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Praga T0 II vs Ikarus 260 BKV

0.02¢/km vs 0.93¢/km

60km/h vs 65km/h

66Kw vs 140Kw

79 passengers vs 76 passengers

So the power is a bit different, but top speed nearly the same. For the price of one Ikarus with 76 passengers, I can run 3,673.5 passengers with 46.5 Praga busses (yes, pretending I can run that literal half bus)

Is this intentional?

If nobody has balanced the pak yet, please forgive my posting. :) It just seems a lot of busses are 0.02¢-0.04¢, then a lot more are around the .30¢ mark, and then of course the most expensive Ikarus - but there's not a HUGE difference in passengers or speed, mostly.

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prices are in progress. In this moment are under testing. In next version it will be better.