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Spring/Summer Server Donations Push

Started by Isaac Eiland-Hall, March 13, 2014, 06:14:23 AM

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Isaac Eiland-Hall

It's going to be another month or two before my little income extra starts coming in again; but meanwhile, I'd like to have one more drive for donations for the server. I think this will keep us set through November/December or so - and I hope to have more income coming in by then, so this might be the last push I have to make. :)

Meanwhile... donations are definitely open and requested.

Some of you that make huge donations make me feel very guilty for asking. So let me reiterate that this isn't an emergency. However, things remain a little on the tight side for me - and as we're moving servers, having two servers up means upwards of two server payments for just this month (prorated)...

So I'm not begging, but definitely enough to go ahead and post a request.

Also, any ideas on how to make this more widely known without spamming everyone? Last time, it was suggested that I make a bigger deal out of it - but I really don't want to spam. heh.

As always, open to feedback, suggestions, and questions.

You can make a donation here via Paypal:

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I haven't gotten the donations from this latest push posted, but I will soon. Meanwhile: Donations are officially closed. I am involved in a business that - although has not quite yet seen real money come in, already has projects in the works that will lead to real money.

In other words, it pleases me to announce that my financial situation will be improving shortly, and I will be quite pleased to go back to my original arrangement, which was to host Simutrans for free as a part of my business. (Well, business never took off until finally now...)


Honestly, I think you should still accept donations.  This is only my opinion, but you should not have to carry all this responsibility, it is clear there are plenty of people out there willing to support the sites as well.