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Installing in linux (Debian)

Started by phillyj, March 01, 2014, 04:31:13 PM

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I've been playing on Windows and thought I would install in Ubuntu linux. First, I installed from their software center and it was able to get original pak and I later installed pak.britan. I didn't like them and wanted pak.comic but I couldn't figure out where the pak files were being stored. I uninstalled everything and did it manually. Here is what I did:
[1] Download file
    [A] Go to
    [B] Select the link to download from the Sourceforge repository
    [i] Save the file somewhere, e.g., /Downloads
    [C] There is no specific download for linux.

[2] Extract the install file
    [A] Extract into your /home directory
    [i] You will get a directory named /simutrans

[3] Install the graphics pkg
    [A] To install the pakset, go into /simutrans
    [B] Run the script
    [i] You will get options to select the pak file and then install it

[4] Run simutrans
    [A] Double-click the executable in /simutrans

This is much simpler than anything I could find in google search. I hope this is the right sub-forum.


For those reading this later, I want to point out that this is a single user installation. It will not be usable by other users on the same machine, in case that matters.


Debian packages install simutrans to /usr/games/. To the path to extract paksets is: /usr/games/simutrans/pak.something


Watch out if you do use the official debian locations then you'll need to patch source code if compiling your own executables.


If you downloaded a complete simutrans from the nightly, then it should run the pak set download automatically, when it is started wihtout a pak.