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WIP Bombardier BiLevel Coach

Started by xAlex666, April 19, 2014, 10:48:13 PM

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here is my first project:

a Bombardier BiLevel Coach

in player color:

and in GO Transit green:


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I think it looks wonderful. It reminds me that the other day I happened to come across a message from TonyBzT dated 2008 in which he shows an American Amtrak Superliner (also a double deck train) in 192, which will be "available very soon". The picture also shows some US-looking buildings. I havent seen this train or those buildings in the latest 192 Comic that I downloaded. Does anyone know if they ever saw the light of day, and if so, where I could find them? I would love to be able to use a US layout in 192.

Thanks very much in anticipation.


TonyBzT worked on a with rendered graphics, which is a completely different style then pak192.comic. I don't know of any pixeled US-inspired graphics, sorry.

It's still work in progress, which is good - There is still some rework needed, especially with the roof, and I miss details to give it personality.
However, it's already good enough as a starting place for your Northern America- Addon. Let it grow :)


looks good.

might I suggest other liveries too? There are some liveries that are well suited to simutrans.

To nit pick, the GO transit coaches without windows are intermediate cars and are all white at the ends, whilst the cab car has windows and the extra markings.
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