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Planned server move coming mid to late February

Started by Isaac Eiland-Hall, February 11, 2023, 08:45:03 PM

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Isaac Eiland-Hall

Shouldn't bring any significant downtime as cPanel is able to forward sites and these days DNS updates don't take days.

But just a heads up. For some reason, every few weeks the server goes down and I can't even power cycle it in the datacenter's control panel, so I have to open a ticket. Which only takes around 10 minutes, but it depends on me seeing notifications that something's gone down and get to my computer.

And if the hardware is failing, at some point it will simply fail..........

So I'm planning to get a server around the 20th, get it set up, and perhaps move everything over around the 25th. I have to look up when my cPanel license renews - the intent is to minimize paying double... because with the loss of my second job, my part time job is enough to handle the server, but not TWO servers. lol.


Isaac Eiland-Hall


Unexpected expenses and this is the slowest season so financially can't this month.

That said, it's only crashed once in the past few days. Meh.

so................. coming next month! Hopefully.


Can the community help you again by donations?

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I wrote a stupidly long reply that really shouldn't be long.

In brief:

1. Technically of course yes, but I'd rather not because
2. It's a temporary thing. January to mid March are a bit slim because of fewer hours for us.
3. While the server going down at all is annoying, except for two times when it hit at a bad time and probably the worst possible time, it's only down for maybe 15-20 minutes most of those times. Which is annoying. But in the last month, I think it's only gone down three times.
4. When I am around and notice, it's back up in about 10 minutes. I create a ticket and 24/7 get almost instant server reboot

So I think - most likely - I risk the server being down for maybe an hour total over the next month (unless we're unlucky). Which is annoying, but I think it'll be okay.

It's not like the server would be offline for a month. :)

I hope that's okay with everyone.