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Please look at the simutranslator in your language and search for untranslated

Started by prissi, April 04, 2024, 01:29:26 AM

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The recently renaming of thze new game dialog's buttons and the good list have left a lot of untranslated text in simutranslator. We probably need the popular languages to translate them before the next release due soo. I uploaded them to Simutranslator. Pleae have a look.


I suspect that the tooltip that appears on the new "Continue game" button cannot be translated.


Is there any way to get the percentage of translated texts of any language?

Also, I noticed there are many Japanese suggestions for pak64. Someone may want to review them.

prissi give you statistics of four sets. But of course, there are always untranslated strings, so 98% means good coverage.

I usually go through translations just before a release (which means this weekend, probably).