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Re: Introduce yourself to the community
« Reply #350 on: July 21, 2019, 05:52:19 PM »
Hello, there.

I know it's too late, but I introduce myself here.

I am 'Manche', and I am Japanese.

I played simutrans for over 10 years, from about 2004. (Sorry, I don't have enough conviction for when I started to play from.)
And I am born at 1994. Over half of my life is Simutrans.

I started to create my add on from 2013.
Almost of them is 'fictional railways add-on' or 'cover of official pakset'.
For example, nature gas factory chain (because official pakset contains gas tank as a station building), electric parts factory chain (because official add-on held a same that),
And Long trailer add-on (because official pakset contains a trailer, but cannot couple multiple trailers. But road train couples multiple trailers.).

Another example is 'Seikai Electric Railway Series / 青海電車シリーズ'. this is the biggest Fictional Railway add-on set in Japan Community.
Seikai Electric Railway Series is freelance train add-on set, based on Japan traditional railway and commonplace railway.

Mainly I always appearance for Japanese community,
but sometimes I will appearance for this forum.

Thank you for every Simutrans player.
And I am keep moving forward, for evolution.