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[nightly] Something wrong in tunnel_writer

Started by z9999+, April 22, 2014, 10:54:01 PM

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I downloaded pak64-r1440 and found axle_load value is wrongly stored in tunnel pak.
axle_load value for tunnel is not assigned in pak64 dat files, so it must be 9999 (0x0F27).
But stored value is 0x0F00 or 0x0F01.

So, this value is wrongly overwritten with someting by makeobj.


Ok, this is a known problem and is already fixed in r7058.
Maybe makeobj which nightly site using is very old, it need to update.


I downloaded pak64 120.0 from SourceForge, but unfortunately it is the same as the nightly version.
Axle_load value of tunnel is wrong.

What's wrong with this. Your makeobj is old too ? Or current makeobj still have a problem ?


Maybe I accidently used an old makeobj. With so many computers I use stuff happens. Will be fixed in next release (the tunnels still need a solution for single height paks).


This is not release but RC, so currently you don't have a plan to replace pak64 and pak.japan to correct pak set, do you ?
It is very sad to play with broken pak set, I think.


Since axle load is still not enforced for the routing and there are more bugs in the pak set (misalignment of the general tender) I left it for now. Every change of a pakset need updating the installer, which means updating the two executable zip files and the online installer in two locations. I.e. about one hour one stupid work.

As pak128.britain and pak128 are nearly double height ready, a new release will be done in the near future again. I do not want to release yearly ...


Problem affects not only for axle load but also for broad_portals. It cann't read broad_portals value correctly, tunnel mouth image doesn't join. (ex. High Speed Railway Tunnel)


prissi, I do not understand: The pak64 can be recompiled with a recent makeobj and uploaded to sourceforge under the same file name. No need to change the installers ???
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Yes sorry, when I wrote this I was stupid. Obviously when going back there is no M mark added to the svn info string. This leaves for now only the general tender as know bug in pak64.


Quote from: prissi on April 29, 2014, 09:07:19 AM
This leaves for now only the general tender as know bug in pak64.

Not quite. There is also the ancient BR234 alignment bug. (And some more, but they are minor, and likely not trivial to fix.)