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Preset "Difficulty Settings" For the General End User

Started by Golden Spike, August 11, 2022, 08:10:53 PM

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Golden Spike

I understand the need to have mod tools handy for Simutrans, it's an ongoing, open-source contributor game used by devs and MODs to bring players the ultimate Simutrans experience. However, I think those coding tools and options need to be separated from the average "game player" for a number of good reasons. Altering simple things like "number of cities", "average city size", "number of factories" etc, can seriously mess the game up and make it unplayable. When starting a new game, the only game setting options an end user [player] should have are: "Simple" "Easy" "Normal" "Challenging" "Hard" and "Insane". The devs should have an excellent understanding of how many cities, factories, city size, etc constitutes an "easy" 'normal" "hard" game, etc. Devs can use their gaming experience to make settings for those things in the form of buttons to be pressed by the player.
Move the coding & mod tools (number of cities, city size, etc) to the Settings> section. They don't have to be put in, they can have their own window in that section for mods, devs and the curious player eager to try their hand at simple game modification. Just separate the dev tools from the player. All mod tools should be grouped together in the user interface, and the Settings> area seems like a good place to put them.

Keep map settings the way they are. Player still picks random map and size as it currently exists.

Trees [and terrain]: take these controls out of the hands of the general end user. Give the player tree options in the form of buttons: "None" "Sparse" "Normal" "Thick" "Rain Forest". As it currently stands, my only choices are "None" and "Rain Forest [random]". Dev's should know what these settings are, please give the end user an appropriate button list for picking tree density. I like trees, but too many appear under current circumstances, and as I'm fond of saying, I'm not a mod guy. Again, separate the dev tools from the player by putting them somewhere in the Settings> area.

Terrain Elevation: again, player buttons giving easy choices: "Flat" "Gentle" "Hilly" "Mountainous"

Starting cash: Again, devs should know how much money to give a player for "easy" "normal" and "insane" games, please use this knowledge when giving a player choices.

I think simplifying start game choices for the general end user is a great way to bring players the ultimate Simutrans experience.