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Saving game will reset transit value to zero

Started by z9999+, May 06, 2014, 01:02:10 AM

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Simutrans 120.0RC

Saving the game will reset transit value to zero.

In the attached savegame, transit value is already larger than max_transit.
So, producer doesn't produce anymore.
But if you save this game, transit value will reset to zero and producer will produce again.
This should be a bug.

How to reproduce:
1. Load the attached savegame for pak64.
2. Save this game.

Transit value resets to zero and producer produces again.

The Transporter

You can see the Bug with a open Factory Window during saving the Game. The transit value is directly st to zero


That might explain why I get negative intransit values. Automatic save resets them to zero, and then is the cargo delivered.


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