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Release candidate 120.0

Started by prissi, April 28, 2014, 07:40:19 PM

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This is version is quite a leap, hence the long break. It features climate which neighbour each other, an hence also lakes. Additionally there are now two levels of slopes. If you have a slope enabled pak set (currently pak64 and pak.japan, or pak128 nightly or pak128.britain nightly) then you can create very steep mountains.

There have been many effort in usability, i.e. a scale-able gui, dragging the map without a right mouse button, or more responsive event handling.

In terms of routing of vehicles the biggest change is that waypoints do no longer act as signals. If you exploited this feature, then you will need rebuilding these routes.

And finally there have been many optimisations, not least the vastly improved ship way finder.

Installer for Windows

MS Windows user should use the Online-Installer.

Those versions do support IPv6 on windows. As a result it will not run on any windows OS below XP.

If you want to download manually, you will need an executable and a pak set.

Executables (Haiku support broken for the moment)

Windows native (new)
Window with SDL (new)
Linux with SDL (new)
Mac OSX/PowerPC with SDL (new)

PakSets - graphic packages

120.0 (new)
pak64 Basics
64pak food chain

Pak64.german 110.0c
pak64.german 110.0c
pak64.german addons (mostly for tourists) 110.0c
pak64.german industry addons 110.0c

Pak64.Classic 102.2.2
pak64 Classic for 102.2.2

Pak64.japan 120.0 (new)
pak64 japan

Pak64.contrast 102.2
pak64 contrast

Pak64.HO-scale "latest"
pak64 HO-scale

Pak96.comic V0.4.10 extended

Pak96.HD 100.0
pak96.HD (0.4)

Pak128 V 2.3
pak128 2.3

Pak128.japan 110.0.1
pak128 Japanfor 110.0.1

Pak128.britain 0.14 (new)
pak128 Britain v0.14

Pak128.german 0.61 (new)
Pak128 German 0.61

pak192.Comic V0.3 (new)
pak192 Comic 102.3 V0.3

pak48.excentrique 0.18
pak84 Excentrique

pak64 SciFi
pak64 SciFi 0.2

Pak32.comic 102.0
pak32.comic for 102-0

makeobj 55.3 (new)

Release of 120.0: (r7175 on 28-Apr-2014):
   CHG: zoom with mouse wheel zooms to the cursor position, not to the center of screen as it used to
   CHG: system events management rearranged, simutrans should more responsive to user events, specially on low framerates
   ADD: second_open_closes_win =1 in will close open window instead top them on secod call/click
   ADD: remember_window_positions=1 (default) will remeber last window positions
   FIX: (S_N_C) net wealth was not consistent after buying vehicles
   ADD: (kierongreen) double heights (slopes), different water levels per tile, and per tile climates
   FIX: long block signals direct in front of stations gave deadlocks
   ADD: fixed maintenance for vehciles is now booked
   ADD: (jk271) way toll statistics now
   ADD: (neroden/kierongreen) stacked stations eith different owners are now possible
   ADD: loading gui themes (designs) on runtime
   ADD: faster creating of hill
   ADD: matching pak is loaded automatically when no -objects is given with -load on commandline
   ADD: dragging map also with left mousebutton when the query tool is selected
   ADD: display also fixed cost in convoi details and depot (if set)
   ADD: enforce loading time (time will be long of all vehciles, default 1s)
   ADD: makeobj can now warn about unused entries (makeobj verbose pak... or makeobj debug pak...)
   CHG: Stretchable themes now in trunk
   CHG: use faster route search for ships (jump-point search)
   CHG: max in_transit now depends on the sum of all connected factories output storage times the in_transit percentage
   ADD: goods in transit are now recalculated whenever a game is reloaded
   CHG: overcrowded message no longer for factories supplied by producer but only interchanges
   CHG: Waypoints act no longer as signals
   ADD: server_motd_filename for file with a greeting message in online games
   ADD: more option to select network overlay in minimap