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SRGC - Pixel Contest for Pak192.Comic - "Parks & Plaza"

Started by Leartin, May 01, 2014, 03:24:59 PM

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Welcome to the Pak192.Comic Pixel Contest, an Simutrans Regular Graphic Contest. Even though the SRGC of March was not too successful, we'll just try again.

This time, the topic is "Parks & Plaza" - until the first of June you can commit one-tile-sized parks&plazas, which keep a little distance between all the skyscrapers and houses.
Parks are buildt on transparent ground so one can see the grass below. To allow several park-files to fit together, we usually use the same roads at the same place of the border, as shown in the road-template. But parks without those roads are fine as well.

Plaza need to connect with the sidewalk tile, so it might be a good idea to start from there, but in the end can have any kind of pavement.


The Rules:
One small change: This time I'll post contributions in this thread as I get them and not reveal them all together at the end.

  • Who can enter the contest?
    Anyone, multiple times, even if not registered on, who read, understood and agreed to these rules.
  • What do I have to do?
    Create an image that fits both the style of pak192.comic and the topic of the contest. Additionally, we encourage you to include further data, like a dat-file, info-text, ingame-mockup, but these are not obligatory.
  • Where do I post my creation?
    Please send them to along with the name you wish to be displayed in the game. Don't publish them elsewhere until the contest is over.
  • Will my picture become part of the pak?
    This is the purpose, so if there are no reasons not to include it (eg. wrong scale in relation to other objects, wrong style, ...) the answer is probably yes.
  • How do I win?
    After the nomination period, we'll start a voting on The image with the most votes is the winner.
  • What about the licence?
    We'll provide the next version of pak192.comic as CC-BY NC 3.0, so your work needs to go with that licence. Additionally, until the voting is over your work will be displayed without your name to ensure fair play.
  • How to start?
    Pixeling isn't hard to do or learn, but it might be time consuming. For absolute beginners, there are many tutorials for pixel art in general, I'd like to recommend this one:
    If you need help or have any questions about pak192.comic, you can visit the chat where most pak192.comic team members hang out, post your question in this thread or the Graphic Guide.


It would be a good idea to provide the source of the trees.


Quote from: An_dz on May 01, 2014, 07:06:30 PM
It would be a good idea to provide the source of the trees.
You are absolutely right, sometimes I forget that the source is not available to everyone.
If anyone needs anything else, just notify me.

(for completions sake: First 3 trees are by Alex Brose, the 4th Tree and other objects by me)


Subway Breakthrough
There was a contest commissioned to find out how to decorate this square. The subway driver who had a 'breakthrough' lost his job, but got 10.000 credits prize money


Modern Park


Clearly, this is not an original menhir from the famous manufactury "Obelix & Co." but a cheap egyptian knock-off