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Started by rc1, May 23, 2014, 12:53:31 AM

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I intend to make some American addons for Pak192.comic. I just compiled a preliminary version of an EMD SD60M, a freight locomotive.

This is my first attempt at making an addon, so I welcome any advice or criticism before I finalize it.


Can you give us a downloadlink?


My suggestions are:
1. Read the pak192.comic style guide (it will help you a lot for this and future objects)
2. More definition. It's too blurred.
3. Little brighter colours.


Welcome, rc1, it's nice that you chose pak192.comic as your playground.

To be able to show you exactly what's "wrong", I attached an image. It's your train, but I pixeled over it. It's not intended to be finished like that, just a quick job to show you what we understand as a Comic graphic. Of course more details and better Anti-Aliasing is allowed, but "blur" is bad. It's best to restrict yourself to a palette of about 6-8 shades per color. This helps defining a crisp image and allows easy conversion to player color.
That being said, I doubt your train is pixeled in the first place, it looks more like it is rendered. I don't think there is much you can do about it, except pixeling over the whole thing like I did after rendering.

I don't agree with an_dz about the colors, they are fine with me. But since it's blue and yellow, I'd definitly use player colors.


You're new "crispy" version has the colours I had in mind. The grey has improved, that made the difference.


Thank you for the feedback.

Leartin, I understand what you mean about the colour and I think I should be able to improve the faces.

Citarofahrer, I will certainly provide the link after I make the necessary improvements (unless you specifically want this WIP version for some reason).


I got around to doing some more work on the locomotive. Would you agree that this is closer to the style you were recommending? I also made it smaller in an attempt to make it proportional to the other trains I compared it to, but there was lots of guesswork involved. I think the lighting should now be consistent with a source in the lower left corner.

I'm still not completely satisfied but I think it is improving. Is there anything else that anyone would suggest?