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The Pak128.britain 1.15 crash gamesaves out pak128.britain 1260

Started by greenling, May 23, 2014, 05:52:28 PM

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Hello on All
The new height system in Pak128.britain 1.15 do crash gamessave, they was beginning with pak128.britain 1260 and older.
I can not more with the pak128.britain 1.15 older gamessave in the Simutrans 120 playing.
Sorry for my englisch. ::( ::'(
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If this is to do with half heights it's more likely a lack of compatibility from old exe to 120 and not the pakset. Given you're having the same problem with pak128 this seems even more likely to me.


It may be because you mix paksets some of which might still only be single height?