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Restored B-Type, LTM and Effects of War on Transport

Started by dannyman, June 12, 2014, 06:50:27 PM

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"The B-types could reach a top speed of 16 mph and seated 34 passengers. With its top deck open to the elements and solid rubber tyres providing a bumpy ride, travelling on the B-type was not a comfortable experience for passengers or indeed the drivers who were also exposed to the extremities of the weather."

There's a crowd funding effort to convert it to war livery and a tour of WWI battlefields.  The London Transport Museum is an excellent experience for the Simutrans crowd, and what I, as an American, found most educational was the deep impact that the war efforts had on British transport in the 20th century.  WWI included gas mask drills for the drivers.  Just the thought of that picture I saw there is enough to give me chills.