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Huron Lands

Started by Pascallok, August 02, 2014, 07:11:30 PM

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I'm ready for the map is ready!

A file will be there!

Canadian Railways opened the passenger-cargo operation around 1930.

The capital of Canada is Unnapeke. The largest city is Unnapeke and Dusselville

The large network consists of many stations as people and goods transport.

Then factories was promoting under contract with electricity. End!

Addons see image:

Pascal has found links below:

The thread is German only see:


The point of this thread is unclear ... Is that a finished savegame or a work in progress ?

Anyway, if you want to get people interested in your savegame, you should :
_ translate the relevant parts of the German thread instead of linking to it.
_ put screenshots.
_ put the download here, in this thread.

I downloaded your savegame but couldn't see any convoy out of depots, is that intended or is it just a glitch caused by lack of some addons in my simutrans ? (although I already have all the French ones :D ).

As you are using several addons from various sources, you should also put every individual dowload link here or make a package with the addons you are using and upload it somewhere.