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Azores - Ultra-realistic map (7698*3664)

Started by GalliumNitride, August 29, 2014, 02:39:30 AM

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Here is a ultra-realistic map of Azores.

Azores are 9 beautiful islands in the Atlantic, here is a picture:

They are great to play with, because it becomes mandatory to use boats and/or planes to interconnect islands (just as in real life),
and the islands are big enough to allow local traffic.

(Unless OC, you are mad and build tunnels or bridges :p)

Anyway, I am uploading the ppm, but also a slightly down-scaled save-game with some of the major cities already placed in the proper places.

Here are two screenshots:

If you use these, please post your opinion!



I just opened the save game and I have to say:
What a great work you did here!

This is a very good map, that - as you mentioned - can be played using various types of transportation.

The only downfall - as with any small island - is the lack of opportunity to use trains (or maglevs) as the main means of transportation for passengers.
Trains are highly profitable and the best transport in Simutrans.

Again, thank you for you great job here!
Always looking for new things, new knowledge.