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Fall 2014 Donation Drive

Started by Isaac Eiland-Hall, September 08, 2014, 07:46:49 AM

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Isaac Eiland-Hall

Donations are open again. But there's a twist. The short version is that my wife lost her job; and while my business is still starting, she's the primary source of income. I think she's about to get hired again, but she's been out of work now for several weeks, and our household funds have been depleted.

Because of this, I'm having to make things slightly more complicated. In addition to requesting/accepting donations for the current month of server hosting (and anything received beyond that will apply to future months), I am also accepting donations for last month's (which, since I paid last month out of our funds, would mean I would take that money and buy food this week with it). Anything received beyond last month's amount will be applied to this month and future months... so there is an upper limit!

But I feel strange doing it this way, and I've put much thought into it over the weekend. I also discussed the issue with several people. The only way I feel comfortable with this arrangement is to have two donation links:

1. Anything donated to this link will first be applied to pay the CURRENT month of server cost. If that amount is reached, it will then be applied to LAST MONTH'S cost ($150 total), which I will put into my household budget because I paid last month already. If *that* amount is then reached, anything further will go to FUTURE months.

2. Anything donated to this link will be applied to CURRENT/FUTURE months only; i.e. paid directly to iWeb.

Do note: Anything donated to the second link will not be counted toward the CURRENT month for the first link, i.e. I'm not going to cheat. :) So you can be 100% sure that 100% donated to the second link will go directly to iWeb.

(TL;DR: Basically, the first link allows me to retroactively seek donations for last month)

(allows donations to cover THIS month, then LAST month, then FUTURE months)

(allows donations to cover THIS month and FUTURE months only)

If it's confusing, please ask questions.