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Antarctic map to be finished

Started by ML, September 21, 2014, 11:09:20 AM

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Hello everyone,

it has been a few years since I started working on a map of Antarctic and ... long story short – recently I happened to find it among my backup files. Alas, I don't have the required software to finish the map in any time soon.

Could someone please finish it so it would finally be available to the community? The data I found is uploaded here: (link valid until the end of 2014). The folder contains two Photoshop files (.psd) and the preview (.png). There shouldn't be much work left, hopefully.


PS. It is amazing to see the progress Simutrans community has been making throughout the years. Every now and then I flick through the forum and during my procrastination periods build my network on the British Isles map (2440x3816). Having played some 80.XX versions I have never thought the game would become so complex. Not even to speak about some of the recent projects like Carls simulation of British railroad on the Experimental version, just to name one example that just crossed my mind!