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[SOLVED BUG] Intercity/City road definitions were wrong in

Started by Zeno, September 28, 2014, 03:15:15 PM

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Guys, just let you know that I have fixed the intercity_road and city_road list definition in file (prototype folder).
Silverhorse reported this wasn't working properly, and I reviewed it and found the road names were in lowercase in the file, while internal object names start all with uppercase 'R'.


What was the problem exactly ? Starting games in 1930, I have 50 km/h cityroad as cityroad and 70 km/h road as intercity road.


If you create a game starting after 1965 you will get all intercity roads with 50km/h city roads instead of 90km/h , because the game doesn't find the roads defined (with lowercase) within the road object list (internal names are with uppercase 'R').

I'm not sure though why it does work with 70km/h road before 1965.