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Some more vehicles

Started by Ves, October 29, 2014, 11:32:50 PM

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For the last few weeks I have painted the following:

From the top-rightmost track:

The "Reginatrains"
X55 - SJ
X52 - SJ and TiB (=Tåg i Bergslagen) I plan to paint more liveries to the Reginatrain (there exists MANY!) and maybe also a generic variation with playercolors? I putted the GIMP-file together so its relative easy to add liveries. The difference between the two: X55 is long distance version with higher comfort, and the X52 is the local transport version which eventually replaces X10-X12-x14.

X10, X12 and X14 (only X10 in the picture)
The X10-14 has been and still is a very commonly used train in local trafic with tons of operators and liveries. They were built from 1981 I think.
The liveries I made so far: SL (=Stockholms Lokaltrafik) and SJ. I made the setup in the GIMP-file, so its relative easy to make all three variations with all liveries (and easy to add liveries), although I know that some liveries doesnt exist with, say X10 or X12 (For instance, the SJ-X10's on the lower track in the picture, should have the door configuration of X12). The difference between X10-12-14 is the interior and number of doors. X10 has three doors (per side), X12 one door and X14 two doors. They should be upgradeable to each other.

The "Öresundstrain"
X31k - The native "Öresundståg"-livery and the SJ-livery. This is the train that goes between Denmark and Sweden on the Öresundsbridge. Its the same factory (Bombardier) as the Reginatrain so the trains are very similar except for the elefant-but front! The front is retractable, so you can walk between the sets. The "k" in the littera indicates that this may travel in Denmark.

Edit 06.05.2015:
In case anyone wants to try the vehicles inside Simutrans, I have compiled them all down to a single pakfile containing all vehicles.
The purpose of this release is that people interested can get a view of the graphics other than from the screenshoots.
Note that you cannot use this to play an actual game, no balancing, no costs, only dates, enginespecs and certain facts are in place.


You need Simutrans Experiemental for this to work

1 - Make a copy of your entire pak folder (eg "Pak128.Britain-Ex-0.9.1") and rename it to something else
2 - Copy the file "vehicle.rail.Se_allvehicles.pak" to this newly created pak
3 - Open the "Livery - Add to" and replace this text with the "liveries"-section at the bottom of the "" of the newly created pak

Comments and feedbacks are very welcome :)


Det är fint att du lyckats få lite mera gjort.

It furthermore looks much better now that they have a more appropriate width/length ratio. Did you ever get around to touching up the already produced vehicles in the same fashion?


Yes I have been over most of them several times since the first pictures of them in the forum. I think all the pictures in the pak.sweden.-thread is with the last or secondlast versions painted (I updated the posts, replacing the pictures). Do you find the vehicles currently  in the forum still too narrow?


The latter ones you shewed were looking just fine, I don't remember how much progress you had made though, since you've been rather silent for a long while!


yeah I havent had internet since june, so its been a while :-P

To refresh the memory, here is a fresh screenshoot with a selection of trains:

Do you still find the cars too narrow?

Down to the left are the X10 and X12, as to compare.


No, that does look good - but I do think that the black livery perhaps should be lightened up a little, just to make it more visible. It's kind of hard to make out the windows and details upon it (to be honest I rather like the livery in reality though, it's better than the grey).

I forget if you ever put up a document on vehicles you intended to make? I think you did, but it's buried in that other thread I guess.

I see you widened the Hilding Carlsson too. So cute.


I tweaked the shadows (making surfaces darker), the "corrugation" of the steel (making surfaces brighter) and the black color itself and came up with this result:

There are some inconsistent on the roof of the cars on the middle track. I dont know what is causing this, its not looking like that in my sources!
The colored cars are there for reference.
What do you think?

The designdocument was initially Max-Max idea. He made a PDF containing some explanations, thoughts and calculations on sun-positions etc.
I have in the other thread submitted a picture of the allignmenttool that im using, although I actually have changed it slightly since I uploaded that.

Maybe I should write a document, explaining all vehicles and how to use them (upgrades, differences etc)? But that wouldnt really be a designdocument, just a "how to....", and it would maybe be better to do it later :-) But in the first post in the other thread, there is a scheme with some stats of the vehicles if thats what you mean?

I know most people (or at least you and Max) not really are into pixelpaint, so what would be nice, is to create a blendertemplate! Im working on it........


Could those oddities on the roof be the product of the zoom and game engine rather than something depending upon the source graphics? I know it can give that look sometimes at a certain zoom level. Either way, that colour looks much improved, as one more clearly can see the details and the windows and such (it's always a bit of a pain with something dark when you have dark windows--, you don't want all the details to disappear into a black hole, so to say.)


The oddities I talked about, appeared almost not to be visible in the screenshoot. The ziggzagg-roof, ofcorse, is some jpg-rendering issue.


The childhood of the "pendeltåg" (commuter trains):

From the top:
Xoa4 + Cox4 - SJ liveries in the front (brown and green/white) and BJ (Bergslagens Järnvägar) in the bak (red/white).
Xoa7 + Cox7 - After the succes of the Xoa4, SJ ordered these cars. Basicly the same as xoa4, just a little longer.
Xoa6 - The first true commuter train. Only three sets was ever made!
X1 - Inspired by the Xoa6, the X1 became the new standard commuter train in Stockholm
X10 - Next generation commuter train

The blue/white cars on the second track from top is a Xoa4 painted in playercolor. The white color is permanent and the blue is color 1.


Apparently it appears that the Xoa4 could operate with three intermediary trailers as well (in five-car sets).

I saw a picture by accident, that seemed to show a X6 stored near Nörrköping somewhere. Wonder why no one ever bothered preserving one of those... Preservationists have a tendency to be not great friends of electric rolling stock.

'tis nice work, you've done, though.


I read that xoa7 had power enough to carry only one manouvercar, and I suppose it's the same with xoa4. Apparently, it sometimes even carried regular cars, such as a sleepcar which would be coupled with the night train at the terminal.
The only constraints I think should exist is the amount of power and that a manouvercar (cox4 and cox7) or another engine only can be coupled after an engine or another maneuvercar, then people can try and see what works.

Yes it's always sad to see old engines had their glory and now just waits for nothing. Is it on a museum so at least one can look on it?


It is not, as I recall it was dumped on an industrial siding. It's probably scrapped by now, but must have stood there for a very long time.

It seems that the Xoa4 was occasionally would use more trailers. From what I found it could be run as the X7 with single driving trailer, but also two trailers (cox4) between two driving motors.



You are right, that should be possible! :-)
I have made a test with player colors for the X1 which I think looks quite ok, I will upload a picture of it later or in the weekend


Here are some pictures of some trains in playercolor:

The lower track (the black track) is SJ / SL liveries, the other tracks are all playercolors.
Only the colorfull X10 in the second picture has added the second playercolor.

What do you think?
Any suggestions for improvements?


It's looking good. I don't have any other thoughts than that.

Are you going to finish a basic time line of locomotives and goods wagons as well? As I recall you weren't keen on doing buildings (understandable, as it is a huge pain in the ****, as I know from the work involved with making that hospital and power station for pak.britain). I quite struggle to wrap my head around how to make proper station orientations too...


This is somehow the goals I have put up to my self:

- A selection of passenger trains from around year 1930 - today with corresponding engines. This is basicly finish, only missing a couple of commuter trains and some engines!
- then goods trains with their engines (see further down)

Why 1930? This is about the time where the first electric vehicles came, and also the first modern cars made of steel.
Almost everything I have painted at the moment is electric equipment. I might start touching diesel engines soon, but they mainly hauled freight trains.
Steem engines demands a totally different painting technique than modern engines and passenger cars. I have to study some .pak-sources to lure how to paint that... If we are not rendering them.

About the goods train, I also feel a bit unsecure how to paint, why I have not really done anything yet. Also it is much less obvious which cars to include/exclude and I would like to avoid paint stuff not being used. I had somehow imagined that i would paint in parallel with the creation of industries. In other words: when an industry is made, we decide which cars is needed, and i (or someone else) paint them.

I have made two buildings, the station house in the screenshoots and a citybuilding (not on any picture), but these where only for testing. I also played arround with buildings from pak.britain, and they fit well in size, but are too dark. I feel it is a big work, and I would like to focus on trains :-)

Would you like to create houses/factories for the pak?


Making buildings is quite an awful chore! And they'd look inconsistent as all hell...

You should make earlier electric engines as well though (Oa, Ob and Pa) as well though (the 1913-15 batches) for the very first mainline electrification schemes.

The problem with the steam engines is that they have so many exterior details, it is very hard to get that reasonably well, but once you got one worked out, modifying a sort of template could make it faster and less tedious a process.


I was thinking before about making the earlier electric engines, but encountered a dilemma:
These engines where built before the rollingstock currently painted where built. I haven't at all reflected which stock to use before 1930, and this decreased my motivation to paint them. But actually, it's only about one or two engines, so I might just get around paint them and then they are done.

Was that I nice way of saying no to make houses? ;-)


Here are three old, but freshly painted motorcars:

From the bottom:

X9 - The "Paprikatåget" (The red pepper train) got its nickname by its very red color and is built during the sixties.
X5 - was built during the forties and this version (which I have painted) is a mix between what SJ got and BJ got (SJ=X5, BJ=X8). The differences are very small, but for instance the X8 version has a restaurant car which the X5 dont and so on. The X5 in the picture has a restaurant car!
Y3 - This probably candidates to be the most special/weird/uggly/charming/you name it design of a train ever made in Sweden. Look at the "bumps" on the engines and manouver cars and you understand why it has gotten the nickname "Kamel". It was also built during the sixties.
X55 - (already presented)


Is it possible to download the new stuff from somewhere? FTP site seems to be inactive for one year.


Currently they are only on my hard drive. I don't know if Max still is running the server, but I could setup a Dropbox link in the next few days. Do you want the sources or just the pak files?


Ftp server is still up and running. Just no new content. I prefer sources.


Now I have uploaded the sources to all the vehicles to the server! They have a naming convention different from the old vehicles on the server, so you should not mix these with the old content vehicles.
Still, they are quite unplayable as a game, but most of the basic information is there and ready (intro/exp dates, weight/axleweight, strength, payload, restaurant etc)

I have the feeling that I have painted all vehicles too narrow in the diagonal north/west and south/east (when the train heads directly to/from the viewer) but I feel im blinded by looking at it too much. suggestions?

And there is a vehicle I have not already presented here in the forum:

Oa and Pa in both original grey and later brown livery on the upper track
Ds(wood),Ds and Dm3 on the lower (already presented)



Downloading.... I just wonder where did the station and platform go... I had them, but cannot find them any more.


They are online now as well together with some other buildings


Thanks for those. However - there are a few bugs:
- station building does not have an icon and cursor
- residential house has some bad image attached - perhaps not the final one
- ikea needs "fields", but there is no dat for them. And ikea should sell Moebel, not Buecher :)


Thanks for the spotting!
I was a bit in a hurry when I uploaded it, so i grabbed wrong images and forgot my own structures :P I have uploaded the right ones now. at least i think so :P

I have also putted up all the 'real' sources on the server, the GIMP files.

haha! You are so right, that it should be Moebel and not Buecher! ;) but most important is the meatballs of cause.....



I don't think the people in simutrans wants to go to the ikea if we connect a horse farm to it :-P


I tired to download again, the residential house semms to be still broken... dat file wants image/output.png.

Ikea has miss spelled min_fields, and when corrected it spawns too much parking lots around... I originally thought that even the building itself will grow randomly...


Sorry about the dat-file issue with the residential house. Found and fixed (finally, i hope...) and also renamed it to be more precise.

The IKEA (as well as the other modular building) is a fixed building, only the parking fields change. I was afraid that it would look odd if random 'IKEA-pieces' got side by side, regarding height, space underneath etc. But maybe its worth a try?
Otherwise, its quite easy to compose different looking ikeas as soon you get along with coordinates :-)
What do you mean that there is a miss spelled min_fields? I just putted the number to 10, so something would spawn.


missing underscore - watch makeobj output when compiling


Aha! Got it! Found and fixed! wow.. now it starts to look like a real parking lot  8)