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Some more vehicles

Started by Ves, October 29, 2014, 11:32:50 PM

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Initial test with steam...

This is supposed to become a "Littera B". The fancy colors are just for me to see what Im doing!


After a bit of tweaking the height and diameter of the boiler and wheels and adding some color and shadows, it looks like this:

Left to do is to add details to boiler and cab and paint the rest of the 7 rotations... (Also, the tender is currently just a bulk car).

Any tips and comments are very welcome!


That looks surprisingly good, actually. Heh, flat wagon tender.


Thanks! :)
However, it was still in wrong shape, so it is now a nodge longer. The front of the cab is also corrected, angling the front wall.
Also, the paint looked horrible and I could not really find information about the paintjobs.. Therefore It is now repainted to be black, a color it has on several pictures. Anyone know about how the steam engines where painted? I have seen blue engines but I have not found any consequent information about the color policy.

However, the engine has now gotten a tender littera A. In order to include both engine and tender on the same .png, I also renamed the engine to littera A (Litt. A looks almost identical to litt. B).

Therefore, Littera A with an A-tender:

But still only one rotation exist....


8 rotations including the tender is now on the Github:

(Sorry that the collage contains some clipping errors from when I captured the pictures..)

Isaac Eiland-Hall

(This thread has been moved to the new board for the pak. Just a heads up. Apologies to everyone who sees this message multiple times)