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Somebody to play this weekend?

Started by waahhhh, October 30, 2014, 08:45:40 PM

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Im alone. Does anybody want to be my friend? ;D ;D ;D

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comic 192, all by default


Your game does not appear on the server listing which might be why people are not coming.
Additionally you may also want to link which version of the pakset you are using since comic 192 is pretty massive with several versions floating around places.
You may also want to mention what version of Simutrans you are running.

Michael 'Cruzer'

You can publish your server to the public server list by checking the "Announce to server list" (and then restarting the server):

I would also recommend you to share a link to the used pakset or at least name the used version of the pakset since players must use the exact same *.pak files to be able to connect to the server.
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