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Some livery requests
« on: December 07, 2014, 05:58:31 PM »
Hello, time for me to take up some more of your time! ;)
I have a few livery requests, for later game, and I was wondering if you would consider/are already working on them.
Firstly, I would like to request loco liveries:
Intercity for class 86, 87, 47 and such.
NSE, For 47 and 50.
EWS for 58, 60, 90, 47, 08 and such.

Now, MUs.
The Connex era: All of the 4Cigs, Veps, 465s, and anything along those lines.
465 To Southeastern
442 To SWT, then Gatwick Express
313, 315, 317, 455 to NSE
165 To First Great Western
365 To FCC
319 To FCC, Southern
321(322) To Stansted express, then FCC
158 To FGW, SWT, Northern
153 To Northern, FGW
156 To Northern
150 To FGW, Northern
142 To Northern, FGW
DLR B92 To Modern DLR
455 To SWT, Southern
456 To Southern and then SWT
395 To Southeastern High Speed
313 To Southern, FCC
375(377) Southern + FCC

And some loco's to be added
376 Southeastern (High Capacity)
379 NEXA (Overhead Only)
387 Southern (110kph)

Thanks in advance

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Re: Some livery requests
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2014, 06:15:39 PM »
It would be lovely to have a full set of liveries one day: it is just a matter of the time to do them. Sadly, there is an unimaginably enormous list of higher priority tasks at present. If anyone else would like to do these liveries, however, I should be more than happy to include them.