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Pak192.Comic version 0.4

Started by Flemmbrav, November 22, 2014, 05:50:39 PM

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Here we goes, this is the release of pak192.Comics next Version!

I'm wirting this post 'couse our paksetmaintainer is quite busy, but he's still doing his job, so don't worry ;)
This time, there is no changelog 'couse it would be to long, so i'll only list most important features.

Completly new is the underground design, the groundimages, our post concept, and a new (vehicle) balancing system.
Fourthermore there are many new and refushed buildings and vehicles, a set of underground and lightrailtrains, some sights, a bunch of trucks and much more.

From now on the whole Pakset is staying under CC-BY-SA licence.
Pakset-download-button(~13 mb)
please note: you need simutrans 120.0 or higher.

Last but not least i'll thank everyone who have helped us out!


It seems that the link does not work.



did they remove the basic signal or am i missing something?
i find it difficult to use specialized signal, so i'm usually using basic signal


they are in two varaints included, as light and form signal, just take a look at the signal-symbols on left side of button, the standardones will look like this:


the button with that image, the one on far left signal came up as block signal


In my opinion the block signal is the most basic one simutrans has, specialle becouse it's the only one who's only using the "is_signal=1" dat-string without additions.
What kind of signal are you exactly searching for?